Kaiserreich von Käden

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Kaiserreich von Käden

2012 — Present

Kaden flag.jpeg
Flag of Kaden

Libertas, libertatis, quod aequalitas! (Freedom, Liberty and Equality!)
When Johnny Come Marching Home
Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, United States
Capital citySt. August
Largest citySt. August
Official language(s)English, German
Recognised languagesEnglish, German
Short nameKaden
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Kaiser of KadenAugust Spee/August the 1st
- Chancellor of KadenVincent Della Vella
- Royal AdvisorNicholas Lokin
- Marshal of KadenDan Spee
- Präsident des ParlamentsN/A
LegislatureDer Hause von Parlïmente
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 1 seat per 5 citizens (3 seats in October 2020 elections)
EstablishedApril 2012
Population5 Global Citizens, 10 Local (15 Total) Official Population
CurrencyKadan Valor
Time zone(EST/ET)
National sportGolf
National dishCheesy Bacon Chicken Casserole
National drinkSprite
National animalLabradoodle
This nation is a member of the Great Lakes Union


Kaden is a micronation in the Philadelphia Region, it was created in 2012 and continues to exist to this day.


Pre-Discord Era


One day in 2012 when Sir August was in his house thinking, he had a thought, to start a micronation, so he did, but first he needed a name, he decided on Kaden and then founded the nation. Kaden, in it’s early years, wasn’t very active, only being a small thing in August’s bedroom, nearly forgotten. Then, in 2016, August told his friend about it, and he was into the idea. That friend would become the Chancellor.


The name Käden (pronounced Kahden) is Kaden for... Kaden. The name Kaden was chosen at random for the name of the nation, and was later changed to Käden. It was later discovered that Kaden was going to be the name of the Kaiser’s sister, had she been a boy.

Discord Era

In 2018, August got a discord for the nation, finally opening up the micronation for people to join. It was with the opening of the discord that the nation was able to hold it’s first elections, with the current ruling party coming out on top. This era is also when it opened diplomatic relations with micronations such as The Empire of Roskya and The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan.

Brody Rebellion

On January 13th, 2020, A rebellion broke out in Käden, Monarchists V. Communists. It started when a friend of the Kaiser decided he was fed up with what he and the Chancellor were doing. He then led the rebellion, which would be known as the Brody Rebellion, named after the hill it was fought on. The ensuing battle took place in 2 engagements. The first, communist forces were defeated and put into a retreat into the woods and a nearby field. The second saw the communists forces annihilated, they swiftly surrendered.

In the peace treaty, the communists were allowed to set up their own government and nation called the People’s Republic of Kaden, and non aggression was put into place. However, after a few weeks of stuff not happening, the communist state dissolved and was re-integrated into Käden.


As of now, Kaden has established embassies/consulates in The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, The Empire of Roskya, The Kingdom of Humberlea, and The Principality of Runnymede. Kaden was also in the Great Lakes Union until it disbanded. Kaden has plans to grow its diplomacy and establish more embassies/consulates in the future.

The dark ages

This was a period in time where the Kaiser was loosing faith, not just in his ability to lead, but Käden‘s ability to continue as a micronation. It only recently came out of this era and is still recovering from it. It has, so far, been the worst period in the nations history.


The Valor

General Info

The Valor is the standard currency of Käden, first introduced in 2018. It comes in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 banknotes, denoted by a number followed by a V (1337V).

Valor Coin

The Valor coin was, and still is, the currency of Käden, made in 2018 with the creation of the discord.

Valor Dollar

The Valor Dollar is a new currency set to be introduced later this year, with Nicholas Lokin designing it. So far, only the 1V, 5V, 10V, and 50V banknotes have been created



The army consists of 5 men, 4 enlists and 1 officer. There is no standard issue weapon, but the army dose use an assortment of dart guns.


The navy consists of 2 vessels and 5 men, 3 enlists and 2 officers. One boat, the KNS Miss Liz, is a Chaperral(?) of Unknown class, the second, the KNS St. August, is a modular auxiliary vessel, usually consisting of 2-3 modules

Air Force

The airforce consists of 1 plane, 2 drones, and 2 men, both of which are officers. The plane is a Cirrus SR22 single prop aircraft, and the two drones are of unknown Class.


Date Name
1 January New Years Day
17 March St. Patricks Day
21-23 April Founders Day
20 August Kaiser Day
29 August Midnight Festival
1-2 September World War Two remembrance day
30-31 October Halloween/Samhain
10 November Fitzgerald day
11 November Veterans Day
Last Thursday of every November Thanksgiving
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas Day
31 December New Years Eve

Kaden has 4 of its own holidays, Fitzgerald day, Kiaser day, founders day, and the Midnight Festival, and shares the rest with other, more known holidays, such as Christmas and Halloween



Käden is located in the town of Boothwyn Pennsylvania, in Delaware County. It claims a small street, Icona Ct., along with about 10 houses.

Water Access

Water access in Käden is very limited, only claiming a pool and a creek so small it doesn’t show up on google maps


The climate of Käden is much like the rest of the northeast US, cold and dry in the winter with a fair bit of snow, rainy and warm in the spring, hot and sunny in the summer, and cold and miserable in the fall, with the occasionally Indian Summer.

Other Territories

Käden lays claim to part of an Island in South/North Carolina called Bird Island

Interesting facts


Käden is Home to about 3-5 species of bird (known are Robins, Blue Jays, and Cardinals), foxes, deer, rabbits, and many domestic animals such as dogs and guinea pigs. The national animal, the labradoodle, is the type of dog that is the Kiaser‘s pet.

Food and Drinks

Käden does not have much in the way of food. The national dish is Cheesy Bacon Chicken Casserole, which is home cooked, and the national drink is Sprite. Some notable dishes also include Perogies, pizza, hamburgers, Hot Dogs, sauerkraut and kielbasa, and more.


This is the old flag of Kaden. It was created in 2018 by the Kaiser himself
This is the current flag of Kaden. Created in 2020 as a more aestheticlly pleasing design. This too was created by the Kaiser
This is the flag of the Kaden Navy, it was created in 2019
This is the flag that represents the ground armed forces of Kaden. This was created in 2020