Great Lakes Union

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Great Lakes Union
Current Flag of the G.L.U.
Current Flag of the G.L.U.
Headquarter Capital of Union Protector, G.L.U. Discord Server

Official language(s) English

Currency CAD, USD, Matachewanian Zloty, Humberlean Narto, Jewish Republican Ruble

Members 8 Members

Union Protector Brandon Mierzwa

Foundation May 14th, 2020
Objective To create an economic and military union for all micronations in the Great Lakes Region.

Official Contacts Discord Server

The Great Lakes Union is a micronational organization that protects and only accepts all micronations based in the Great Lakes Region (Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania). The Union's sole purpose to unite all Micronations in the Great Lakes Region in an Alliance to hopefully make most members work together not just for themselves but for all micronations in the Great Lakes Region, The Union was founded by Matachewan, Kingdom of Humberlea, and the Jewish Workers Republic.



The Great Lakes Union was founded on the 14th of May 2020 and was created with the soul intention to unite all micronations in the Great Lake Regions under one alliance similar to the EU. The Union originally was founded as the Union of Ontarian Micronations, an alliance with the same intentions but only for Ontarian Micronations. The change in policy was made when Matachewan, the Union Protector, decided that if the Union wanted to be successful is must branch out to more micronations based in the US surrounding Ontario.


The Structure of a Union is very similar to most organizations. The Union is headed by the Union Protector (Chairperson) that oversees and does what most leaders of an organization do. The Union Protector is elected every 3 months and must hold a summit in the capital of the micronation they represent. (example: Brandon Mierzwa is Union Protector, he must hold a summit in Matachewan's Capital and must make sure the members can attend or at least make sure some can even make it to the capital.)

Next up is the Electors, the electors are made up of three representatives, a country in the Union may only have 1 representative as Elector at one time to make sure a nation doesn't have a double vote. The Electors are elected every three months by the Great Lake Senate. Electors from Northern Ontario, Timmins, Temiskaming, and Hudson-James-Thunder Bay Districts may hold their own "Northern Summits" if there are many micronations in the Northern Districts.

Then we have the Great Lake Senate, the Senate make most decisions in the Union, the Senate is made up of 5 Representatives, 1 Representative from a nation at a time to avoid double voting. The Great Lake Senate is elected every month to give every member a chance to get into the Senate.

Finally we have the Members, the members are the backbone of the Union. The members contribute to the Union in their own ways and try if they can to aid their fellow members.


  • Jewish Workers Republic - Elector
  • Kaiserreich Von Käden - Member



The Flag of the Union is different compared to most micronational organizations because for each member that joins a star is added to the flag.

The Colours Represent:

Blue: Great Lakes and Niagara Falls

Green: Forests of Northern Ontario and Minnesota

Grey: Greater Toronto Area and New York City

The Stars Represent the Members