Communal People's Republic of Wamong

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Republic of Wamong (2019 - 2021)
Communal People's Republic of Wamong (2021 - present)

15 February, 2019 — present

Wamong FlagNew2.png
Wamong Emblem7.png
National Emblem

For Freedom, We Shall Fight!
Wamong, Our Communist Nation!
National Anthem of CPR Wamong

March for Socialism
Military March for the People's Red Army of Wamong

March of the Volunteers
Song played on Mao Rememberance Day

Capital cityEdenville
Largest cityEdenville
Official language(s)English, Duighanish
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentFederal One-Party Duighanist Communist People's Republic
- PresidentHarold Duighan
LegislaturePeople's Council
Economic Council
People's Tribunal
Established15 February 2019 (as Republic of Wamong)
10 March 2021 (Communist government established)
26 March 2021 (Constitution ratified)
Population7 (4 humans and 3 cats)
CurrencyWamongian Moss

The Communal People's Republic of Wamong is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, but is actually a micronation located in Pennsylvania, in the United States. It has a population of 4, and it's capital city is Edenville. It is a 6th World nation according to the Bloodsmythe-Tallini Classification System, it has a score of 2 on the Dresner Classification System, and it has a 5.4 according to the Micronational Democracy Index.


The Republic of Wamong was declared on February 15, 2019, after it's founder Harold Duighan, noticed that there were no nations starting with the letter "W" in his almanac. He decided to proclaim himself the President, and proclaimed the nation as an independent state.



For most of the nation's history, it was inactive. In the beginning, Harold made the nation a Republic, and elected himself as President, and designed a flag, but nothing more. Afterward, it fell into inactivity and was unknown for much of the time. It left inactivity after 2 March 2021, when Harold dissolved his other nation, the Great States of O'Duighan, and merged it with Wamong, which transformed the Republic into a One-Party Socialist State, which then quickly flipped to Communism on 10 March 2021.

Martial Law

On 15 March 2021, martial law was declared in Wamong. This is due to the sudden internal strife in the nation, which caused immense instability. The military took control, and a military government was established, known as the Interim Communal Military Government. It was a military junta, consisting of Commander Vincent Ironside, and Commander Harold Duighan, (who had already been serving as President at this point), who both led the nation towards stability and peace until the nation could sufficiently function correctly. The nation eventually stabilized on 26 March 2021, when


The Communal People's Republic of Wamong is governed as a One Party Communist state. It has a President, who serves for life after being elected by the people.


The legislature is a tricameral legislature, and consists of three branches, the People's Council, the Economic Council, and the People's Tribunal. The People's Council is the main body, and its job is to create and vote on new laws and legislation. It is headed by the President. The Economic Council's job is to form economic plans for the nation and monitor and control the economy. It is also headed by the President. The People's Tribunal consists of judges who are appointed by the President who shall enforce laws in the nation and judge those who are put before them for committing crimes.


Elections in Wamong are made through direct voting by the people. Elections occur whenever there is a vacant position in government, such as the Legislature or Presidency. Since Wamong is a One-Party State, there is one party, however, other parties can be formed, but they must be approved by the government, and must not break the legal code in the country.

Party Logo Party Leaders Ideology President People's Council Economic Council People's Tribunal
Working People's Duighanist Party (WPDP) WPDP Symbol2.png Harold Duighan Duighanism, Christian Communism, Maoism
1 / 1
4 / 6
4 / 6
3 / 3
Republican Party of Wamong (RPW) RPW Logo (1).png Johnni Duighan Conservatism, Right-wing Populism, Capitalism
0 / 1
2 / 6
2 / 6
0 / 3

Administrative Divisions

Wamong consists of 6 districts and one colony. The 6 districts are Eastern Basementia, Western Basementia, Potatia, Tralania, Woodatia, and South Creek. The single colony is the Chair Colony of Wamong, which is a remnant of the Holy Empire of Jesus, and is quite literally just a chair from an old computer room in the middle school of Harold's hometown.



Population of Wamong
2019 1—    
2020 4+300.0%
2021 7+75.0%
Current numbers stated by the government of Wamong

The population of Wamong started with only one official citizen, before exploding to about 4 by the end of 2020. By 2021, there were 7 citizens, but that was because three of the citizens are cats.

Culture and Media

National Holidays

Holiday Date Description
Freedom Day 15 February Celebration of the creation of the Republic of Wamong on 15 February 2019.
Duighan New Year 24 November Celebration of a new year, according to the Duighan National Calendar.
Celebration of the Foundation of Communism in Wamong 10 March Celebration of the founding of the Communist government in Wamong.
Unity Day 19 February Celebration of the re-unification of O'Duighan after the victory of the Socialists in the O'Duighan Civil War.
Mao Remembrance Day 9 September Celebration and remembrance of the life of Mao Zedong, and the contributions he made to the foundations of Communism, and the influence his beliefs have on Wamong and the ideology of Duighanism.
V-Day 2


Celebration of the end of World War 2, and the victory over the tyrannical Fascists in Europe and Asia. Also a day for celebrating veterans.
Celebration of the End of Fascism 5 September Celebration of the end of Fascist rule in Eden, after the fall of the Christian State Party.
Jesusian Monarchy Day 28 October One of the few Non-Communist-related holidays in the nation. This holiday celebrates the Jesusian Monarchy, which is the non-hereditary dynasty that rules the Holy Empire of Jesus. This holiday celebrates the dynasty, due to their contributions to the nation and it's history. This holiday specifically celebrates Brett I, the first Holy Emperor of the HEJ.

Televised Media

Wamong has one show, known as Wamong Communal News, which is broadcasted by the Wamong Communal Televised Network every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Interactive Media

Wamong has a game development company known as Doomclock456 Games which is currently working to develop video games for the country.


The military of Wamong consists of the People's Red Army of Wamong, which has 4 soldiers. The People's Red Army was formed on 2 March 2021, out of the remnants of the Duighan People's Red Army, which was the military of the Great States of O'Duighan, after it collapsed. Before that, Wamong lacked a solid military, besides the leader himself, and the so-called "Wamong Military", which was an un-organized mess for most of the nation's history after it's founding, due to the fact that Wamong was inactive for a long time.

Foreign Relations

Wamong has quite a few relations with other nations. The nation it has the strongest relations with is the Arthurian Empire, as Harold Duighan is good friends with its leader, Vincent I, Emperor of Arthuria.

Official Recognition:

All U.N. Members states and Observers

Arthurian Empire


Kingdom of Roskya

Arthurian Empire

Seabourgian Commonwealth

Republic of Manitoba

Informal Relations:


Kingdom of Begon

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