Abode of Heaven

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The Abode of Heaven
Anthem: Oh Most Illustrious One
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
LegislatureNo Legislature
Establishment25 July 2018
• (as of most recent count) census
CurrencyAbodian Penut
Time zone(Solar time)
The government has deemed an Internet Connection Illegal, and thus does not maintain an online presence.

The Abode of Heaven is a North American micronation founded on 25 July 2018. It is solely comprised of two rooms and a set of stairs, located macronationally in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Nation denies any connection to its macronational affiliation.

The Abode of Heaven has an ancient culture, and there has been evidence of Spider population stretching back almost 50 years. Those spiders still feature prominently in the local folklore.

The Abode of Heaven consistently ranks low in all or almost all micronational indexes.


In the Abodian Charter, the nation's name is given as "The Abode of Heaven". Older names use "Spiderland", in reference to the Arachnids that reside there. They are actually most frequently Harvestmen. True Spiders may only be seen in the springtime.


The first king, Obis I, claimed the two sacred folios, thus beginning the current nation of the Heavenly Abode, on July 26, 2018.

Government and politics

The government is an absolute monarchy with the Supreme Master Obis I at the head of the nation. All laws must first pass through him to come into motion. The king may not propose laws. By the Charter, every law passed is to be in the best interests of the people.

All public organizations are owned by the people, for the people, making this a very strange sort of absolute monarchy. The APWS Manages all water intake of the country, and is legally owned without any interference from the king. The APDA is also operated in the same way and it must, by law provide a steady food supply for all citizens.

This is the Water transport used by the Abodian People's Water system.

The food is allotted Based on age and the Recommended caloric intake that the customer needs. This allowance is decided by Abodealth, the healthiness organization for the country. The APRD is run in the same manner. It lists protected species, and designates parks and recreational areas.

There are two government branches controlled by the supreme master. These are the RADF, which manages foreign relations and media outlets. The other is the RAFA, which controls the finance of the nation.

The national law is mostly based on traditional laws.

Law and order

The judicial system is entirely based on edicts passed by Brotherly Leader Obis. The courts have been reported to be flawed, and bribes are said to be surprisingly commonplace. It has also been told that nobility are often friends with the judge, who will almost immediately grant them innocent. Although reports of monetary embezzling are published frequently, so far no charges have been laid.

Protoedicts are written by the Supreme Master's advisory, and thus put into act by the Supreme Master himself.

Foreign relations

The Abode of Heaven Does not Recognize any other micronation. King Obis Seeks to Improve foreign Relations in the Future.

The view outside. Note the Spiders and Harvestmen.


Due To the Abode of Heaven's strong commitment to peace, there is no military. Any conflicts will be resolved with words or propaganda.

Geography and climate

This is a Sneezeweed, a Native plant.

There is considered to be two climates in the Abode, The "Outdoor Climate" and the "Indoor Climate". The Outdoor Climate is a Temperate Climate. However, due to a plastic overhang, It receives no precipitation, although it still receives humidity. It has a Köppen Classification Varying between Dfa and Dfb.

Inside, it is a solid 21 Degrees Celsius year-round.


The economy Is entirely reliant on agriculture. Do to a drought in 2018, the economy has had to move in to the service sector. So far, the value of all the countries assets totals 56 Abodian Penuts.


Adapting to such an environment has created some challenges for the inhabitants. Due to the drought in 2018, there were no tomatoes produced. Unripe tomatoes are an Abodian specialty. Seasonings also play a large part in the Abodian Diet. Coriander, Sorrel, and Oregano are all major crops. Ripened tomatoes are made into paste. Other plants that were destroyed in the drought that previously featured heavily in Abodian life include lettuce, beans, Swiss chard, and sage. Paste foods are the national specialty, Often referred to as "Mousse" (i. e. Tomato mousse). The nation has introduced two new crops this year, turnip and arugula, to combat the drought.

Coat hangers are also important cultural staples. They allow for entertainment in "coat hanger fighting", a pastime for locals. Coat hanger fighting involves hooking two hangers together and attempting to wrestle the coat hanger out of the opponents hands. No touching of the other person is allowed. Another version involves a stick.

The Sun-Worshiping Religion was developed as the people who had previously lived underground had the chance to see a sunset, and believed that it as the body of the creator on earth. They have not lost sight of their sun-venerating ways.


Every Morning, A Bowl of water is faced towards the east and allowed to absorb the heat of the sun. The Offerer then bows down and recites the following prayer:

Oh most Illustrious one,
Take my offering and make good use of it,
Grow my fields and my consciousness,
So that I May serve you better.
May your glorious self illuminate my path to the Afterlife,
And reveal yourself to me so that I may know you.

These are also the lyrics to the National Anthem.


The Press and Television are severely restricted, and the only publications allowed are those owned by the government. Due to allegations of criticism, the government banned the internet for all citizens. They still do maintain a Twitter handle for foreign relations.