Flag of the Abode of Heaven

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Flag of The Abode of Heaven
See adjacent text.
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 25 July 2018
Design The stars and the Blue Background Symbolize the Eternal Cosmos, while the Sun With hands '"Aton"' Symbolizes the Sun-Worshiping Traditions

of the Country. The Seven Hands Symbolize the First King's Birthday, September Seventh. The red Dot in the Center of the Sun's Body Symbolizes the Nation's Strong Commitment to Faith, and the Smart Mind of the Supreme Sun-God. The White Box symbolizes Peace that Surrounds the Nation. The

Yellow pennants Symbolize Wealth, Prosperity, and Strength in Battle.

The Abodian Flag is unique for being one of the few non-quadrilateral Micronational Flags.