Abodian people's department of agriculture

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Abodian People's department of agriculture


The logo used by the government.

Established 2018, July 31
Country The Abode of Heaven


Public Corporation
President TBD
General Information

The Abodian People's Department of Agriculture.


The Department of Agriculture was founded on the 31st of July, 2018.

What it does

The APDA has many roles, all of them involving in some part the Agricultural production of the Abode of Heaven.

The Cultivated Species list

The CSL is a comprehensive list of all the species of plant growing in the Abode. It Designates Species mean for Special protection, species that are commonly grown, and the production yield of that plant every year.

Invasive Pest List

The Pest List details every pest that could theoretically infect crops. It is divided into fungi and molds, insects, and artificial pollutants. The APDA has encouraged the revitalization of some bugs erroneously thought of as pests.

Food Providence

The APDA is mandated to provide food to all citizens, regardless of their status. All food must not contain allergens, be a food deemed unhealthy, and must be respective of the calorie count of the nation's citizens.

How it works

The APDA is a Public corporation, Meaning that it is run by the people, for the people. The definition is vague, and it is meant to be that way. Generally, the basic structure of a Public Corporation is that there is an employer, selected by the King, who will review applications sent in by the public, and select the roles accordingly. Jobs are created by the emplyer as soon as a new position is needed.