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  Faltrian County  
County of Dirigo
An abandoned car in Dirigo

Country Faltree2021.png Faltree
Established 24 September 2021
Founder Logan Medlin
Seat Psalms
 - Governor Logan Medlin
 - Total 4

Dirigo is a county in the State of Faltree, consisting of multiple areas located in both North Carolina and Maine. It was established on the 24th of September 2021, after an agreement between Hunt Powell and Logan Medlin. Dirigo is comprised of the former territories of North Dirigo.


Dirigan politics are moderate and mixed, with the major parties in Dirigo being the Faltrian Social Nationalist Front and the Faltrian Workers' Party.

Dirigan Senators

Senator Party Incumbent since
Logan Medlin Faltrian Workers' Party 10 December 2021