Republic of Kelvaria

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Republic of Kelvaria
Flag of Kelvaria
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• President
Icecap13 (real name unknown)

The Republic of Kelvaria was a micronation that operated as a presidential republic. Due to a lack of archived info there is sparse info about Kelvaria itself.


Kelvaria wasnt always known as Kelvaria it was originally called Verka! Verka was a state of the Hoosier Empire but the Hoosiers wasnt giving Verka representation in the Hoosier Council so the governor of Verka (Icecap13) declared independence from the empire! The Revolution lasted for only 8 or 5 days and Verka won renaming itself to the Kingdom of Verka, but after 4 days it renamed itself to the Kingdom of Kelvaria! Some citizens then wanted a change in the government so Kelvaria changed its government and it's now called the Republic of Kelvaria!

Kelvaria today has 4 parties and 5 states

Parties: Democratic Kelvarian Party, Republican Reform Party, Social-Democratic Party, and the Monarchist Party

States: State of Verka, State of New Providence, State of Little House, State of West Hampton, State of East Hampton