Democratic Republic of Houseistan

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Democratic Republic of Houseistan
"Long Live Houseistan!"
Anthem: Ode to Joy
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Logan A. Medlin
Independence from the United States
• Empire Established
25 September 2019
• Treaty of the Three Rooms Empire
21 October 2019
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Three Rooms Empire
Dominion of Tarcallia

The Democratic Republic of Houseistan was a micronation that was founded on 25 September 2019 after the collapse of the Three Rooms Empire after the Craldonian-Kelvaria War. Houseistan land claims consisted of only a house in Raleigh, North Carolina.


The name "Houseistan" derives from the fact that Houseistan's land claims are only a House.


Three Rooms Empire and Loss in the Craldonian-Kelvaria War

The Three Rooms Empire was established by Logan A. Medlin on 25 September 2019. After establishing an alliance with Ernland, the Three Rooms Empire would declare war on Kevlaria, joining in the Kevlarian-Ernish war. the Three Rooms Empire would then surrender to the Union of Mountain States and sign the Treaty of the T.R.E. The Treaty established a democratic government in Houseistan. Later in December, Houseistan became an autonomous territory of United Provinces of Natlin.


On 4 January 2020, Houseistan would become independent from Natlin. Houseistan declared war on Echlin Union on the 6th of January. The Democratic Republic of Houseistan would become a protectorate of Union of Mountain States on January 13, 2020. Later on January 21st, DRH would no longer be a protectorate of Union of Mountain States. On May 18 Houseistan would change its ideology to a Principality. On May 24 Houseistan would change its government back to a Democratic Republic. On 7 June 2020, The Democratic Republic of Houseistan signed a treaty of mutual recognition and cooperation with the Arthurian Empire. On 22 June 2020, President Logan gifted his backyard to the Arthurian Emperor, Vincent I, as a dominion of Arthuria, which he accepted. This territory became the Dominion of Carolina. This agreement made Arthuria and Houseistan now share a border.