Tueoedeth City

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Tueoedeth City
Flag of Tueoedeth City
CountryRepublic of Tueoedeth
TerritoryFederal Capital Territory, Republic of Tueoedeth
Established17 May 2017
Founded byIsaac J. White
NationalCapital of Tueoedeth
 • MayorIsaac J. White
 • Total7
Time zoneCST
5 digit format
Area code type: 270-270270
ISO 3166 codeTUE-TC
Vehicle registrationTueoedeth City

Tueoedeth City is both the capital of Tueoedeth and the most populous city, it was founded on 17 May 2017 after Isaac J. White founded Tueoedeth and established Tueoedeth City as the seat of government. As of 2020 Tueoedeth City has a population of 7.


Major Roads

Local Roads

  • 1st Street
  • 2nd Street
  • Government Ave
  • Airfield Dr