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Capital city and province
Province of Laptevograd
Flag of Laptevograd
Country Bepistan
 • BodyNational Assembly
 • ChancellorMatthew Laptev
Time zoneUTC-5 (Eastern)

Laptevograd is the capital city and province of the Bepistani Reich, located in Brooklyn, New York. It serves as the chancellor's residence as well as government headquarters.


The name Laptevograd takes inspiration from the cities of the Soviet Union, which usually combined the last names of important government figures and the suffix "-grad," meaning "town," "city," or "fortified settlement,"[1] in this case, the last name of the chancellor.


The province of Laptevograd was established on 5 October 2018 as a special district of what was then the Kingdom of Bepistan, and was simply called "Royal Residence." The district was renamed to Laptevograd and reclassified as a province on 25 February 2021 during Bepistan's transition into autocracy.