Ruffle Bar

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Ruffle Bar
Province of Ruffle Bar
Flag of Ruffle Bar
Country Bepistan
 • BodyNational Assembly
 • ChancellorMatthew Laptev
 • Total580 km2 (220 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)

Ruffle Bar is an uninhabited island province of the Bepistani Reich located in Jamaica Bay, New York City. Ruffle Bar has an area of approximately .58 km².[1][2]



One of the first people known to inhabit the island was Jacob Skidmore. Skidmore eventually moved his entire house and family to Barren Island by disassembling his house piece by piece in 1842. One story reports that during a storm, his disassembled roof was blown across the bay to Barren Island.

During the American Civil War, Ruffle Bar was frequently used as a stop for ferries traveling between Canarsie and Rockaway. Ruffle bar was a popular site for boat racing sponsored by the Windward Club in 1880. A decade later, the first hotel had opened on the islands, and in in 1890, parts of the island were sold to 24 different private owners.

In 1913, the city proposed to build a garbage incinerator on Ruffle Bar, but residents of Brooklyn opposed the idea. In 1914, Pierre Noel's Ruffle Bar Association began construction on Ruffle Bar with the intention of developing it as a resort.

Throughout the rest of the early 20th century, landfill was added to the island to further increase its area. Ruffle Bar was also the site of a successful clam and oyster industry and had more than 40 structures, most of which were on the south shore, to support the industry.

Clam and oyster fishing came to a halt when the surrounding water was deemed by the New York City Department of Health to be too polluted for the breeding of shellfish.

Eventually, the Great Depression forced many of the island's residents to move, and by 1940 there were only twenty-five structures remaining on the island. Ruffle Bar's last resident, a fisherman, moved in 1944.

Present day

Ruffle Bar, along with other islands in Jamaica Bay, serves as a bird sanctuary.

The island was claimed on as a territory of Bepistan on 5 October 2018.