League of Simulationist Nations

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League of Simulationist Nations
Official logo
Organizational Anthem (formally the anthem of the AMU)

Headquarters LSN Hangouts Roos

Official language English

Membership 3 member nations

General Secretary Charles Ross

Foundation March 28, 2019

Website TBD

The League of Simulationist Nations or LSN for short is an intermicronational organization dedicated to the promotion, assistance and advancement of micronations/geofictional states of a simulationist nature. The organization is primarily based around the fictional con-worlding planet of Mors Prime, where the organization serves as the primary international governing body of the world. The organization attempts to conduct itself in a manner akin to the United Nations.

The primary mission statement of the LSN is to "promote trade, equality and friendship between fictional states in order to secure a greater future for Mors Prime and for the geofictional world as a whole".

While nations do not need to be based on (or have territory on) Mors Prime, nations with land there are qualified to receive special benefits and treatment compared to other nations.

Member States