James I, Emperor of Kyberia

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Emperor James Ellis I
His Imperial Majesty James I, Emperor of Kyberia
Emperor of Kyberia
Assumed office
13 February 2019
Predecessor N/A
Successor Incumbent
Personal Information
Personal information
Born 2004
Surrey, England
Citizenship Empire of Kyberia
Religion Atheist

Emperor James I (fully: His Imperial Majesty Emperor James Ellis I of the Empire of Kyberia) is an Kyberia royal and the current Emperor of the Empire of Kyberia. Since 14 March 2019, he has also served as Deputy Governor of the Austenasian Territory of Bregusland.

Early life

Not much has been published about the early life of Emperor James I.

Micronational career

Emperor James Ellis entered the world of micronational politics in August 2018, when he became a citizen of the Principality of Phokland (later the Tsardom of Phokland) after having met with and being interviewed by the monarch of Phokland, Prince Charles I. Shortly after becoming a citizen, Emperor James I was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. He acted in this office until September 2018 when he entered the Prime Ministerial Elections, running as a Labour Party/Independent candidate for the office. He later went on to win this election, receiving 98% of the popular vote. He took office as the third Prime Minister of Phokland on 5 October 2018 in a ceremony held at the Royal Palace in Capitus. He served as Prime Minister until February 2019 when he resigned from the office in order to start and run his own micronation, the Empire of Kyberia.


In mid September of 2018 (while serving as Foreign Minister), Emperor James Ellis received the title of "Knight Commander" from Prince Charles I for his help in resolving a diplomatic dispute between the Principality of Phokland and the (now defunct) Grand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia. Four months later in January of 2019, Emperor James Ellis had his Knightship upgraded to that of an hereditary title, following his work during the Domanglian annexation of Phokland in October/November of 2018. This new title was that of a Grand Duke. Two months later, Emperor James I created the Kingdom of Emosia (Later Empire of Kyberia), thus becoming a king whilst keeping his other previous Phoklandian Titles.