Monarch of Lanzantonia

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Tsar/Tsarina of the Empire of Lanzantonia
Lanzantonian Imperial Coat of Arms
Sean I of Lanzantonia

Style: His Imperial and Most Serene, Elegant and Eminent Majesty
Heir apparent: N/A
First monarch: Emperor Francis I
Formation: 1 January 2018

The monarchy of Lanzantonia was established in early 2018 as a governmental office in the then Empire of Lanzantonia. Following the dissolution of this empire in November of the same year, it was decided that the titles of Tsar/Tsarina would continue to be used as hereditary ceremonial titles in order to preserve the history of the former empire and to insure that the nation wouldn't be forgotten.

Flag of the Imperial Monarchy


As the Empire of Lanazantonia was dissolved on the 2nd of November 2018, the The title of Tsar/Tsarina of Lanzantonia is ceremonial and holds no political power whatsoever.


The monarch of the Empire of Lanzantonia may assume one of two possible titles upon being sworn in depending on the individual's biological sex (if an individual is transgender, they will receive the title appropriate to their post-transitional gender).

These titles include:

Sex Title Style
Male Tsar His Imperial and Most Serene, Elegant and Eminent Majesty
Female Tsarina Her Imperial and Most Serene, Elegant and Eminent Majesty

List of Monarchs

Photo Name Reign Royal House
Depiction of JAP.svg Emperor Francis I 1 January 2018 - 2 November 2018 Crest Perkins.png

House of Perkins

Popy.jpg Charles I, Tsar of Lanzantonia 19 November 2018 - 18 February 2019 Perkins.png

House of Ross

Sean.jpg Sean I of Lanzantonia 18 February 2019 - Incumbent Perkins.png

House of Griffith