People's Republic of Phokland

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People's Republic of Phokland



Lucrum Per Dispendii Nobis (Latin: Through Loss Do We Gain)
Battle Hymn of The Republic (Instrumental)
Arizona, United States. This is a map showing an aerial view of Phokland's land claim (Green representing Administrative districts and yellow representing the capitol).
Capital cityRosston
Largest cityBorder City
Official language(s)English, German
ReligionRoman Catholic
Short namePhokland
GovernmentDemocratic Monarchy

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The People's Republic of Phokland was a self-declared sovereign state located within the borders of Arizona, USA. This Micronation (as it is more commonly called) was created on 13 December 2017. Phokland was created by two men, Brock Lang and Charles Ross. upon its creation, It was decided that The new country would be formally known as the "People's Republic of Phokland" and informally as simply "Phokland". The country was established as a Democratic Monarchy. With the power belonging to the people and the Prime minister when dealing with civil affairs while the ruling monarch has complete control over military affairs as well as having the ability to veto laws voted in by the people if said laws go against the national constitution of Phokland. This nation was a closed state with no citizen allowed to immigrate to any other micronation and no citizen of an already existing nation or micronation allowed to immigrate to Phokland. Additionally, there was a travel ban for all other micronations with the exception of allied representatives and family members of government officials.


There were four main departments in the government of Phokland: The House of the Monarch, The Office of the Prime Minister, The Office of the Phoklandian Coast Guard and The Defense Office. The elections for all of these positions with the exception of the monarch happened once every year with elections taking place on December 13 (Honoring the date that Phokland was founded). Any individual who was elected to any of these offices were allowed to re-run as many times as they like.

The last holders of each of the three main offices are as follows:

Monarch: King Charles The First

The Office of the Prime Minister: Prime Minister Brock Lang

Minister of foreign affairs: Minister Norma

The Office of the Phoklandian Coast Guard: Dizzy

The Defense Office: Lt. Rico T. Lizard

Border Patrol Commander: Capt. Nums


The only official branch of military for The People's Republic of Phokland was its Coast Guard. This was due to the large Lake that took up most of the nation's territory. This branch had adopted the same ranking system as that of the American' Navy with the exception of the rank of Chief Admiral. The Phoklandian Coast Guard fell under the The Office of the Phoklandian Coast Guard.

The Phoklandian Coast Guard consisted of one individual and one boat which was known as the P.C.G. Langston (named after one of the founding members: Brock Lang).

Additionally, The Phoklandian Border Patrol existed as a Private organization contracted by Former Prime Minister Charles Ross to patrol the land borders of the country. While under contract, the border patrol was under the direct command of the Monarch but was part of The Defense Office.

Mangolian War

On 4 April 2018, King Charles I declared war against the nation of Mangolia. This was due to its declaration of war against Iustus, a phoklandian ally. Two days later, Mangolia surrendered and was reunified as South Mangolia with partial political control being gifted to the Phoklandian government.

Second Mangolian War

On 9 April 2018, the remnants of the Mangolian Army regrouped and declared war on the People's Republic of Phoklandand its allies, the Principality of Gleichenberg and the Republic of Lanzantonia.

Constitutional Laws

The Laws of the People's Republic of Phokland varied from Provence to Provence with the exception of the five main constitutional laws:

1. The legal adult age is 13

2. All living reptiles and mammals are given the same citizenship and rights as humans

3. The legal driving age is 15

4. It is illegal to pronounce the name Phokland, in a derogatory way using curse words

5. All human and animal rights are to be respected under punishment of death