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Scott Alexander is co-founder of the Micronational Cartographer Society and a long-time citizen of Shireroth. He is 32–33 years old and currently lives in Ireland.

He discovered micronationalism in August 1999 and founded the Apolyton Nation (later called Audentior) with Evan von Christoph. After its dissolution in March 2000, he was active in a number of its successor projects, including Hyperborea, Jasonia, Treesia, and Tymaria, before settling down in Shireroth in January 2002. During this period, he edited the Apollo Skyline, the early Micras Sector's most successful newspaper. With brief interruptions he has been a citizen of Shireroth since then, being selected as Kaiser four times and holding various ministries including the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of External Affairs.

Role in the MCS

Scott, along with then-Kaiser of Shireroth Erik Mortis, founded the Micronational Cartography Society in December 2000 as a place for micronations to engage in collaborative geofiction. Scott personally designed most of Apollonia, western Benacia, Tapfer, and Eura, and assisted in the design of other regions. He and Mortis directly led the Society for the first two years of its history, and Alexander was the original person in charge of updating the maps. He quit this job after disputes arising from the Menelmacari Civil War and gave control of the Society to Ryan Caruso.

Alexander was one of the strongest critics of Caruso's reign, especially of his decision to alter the original geography by creating new islands and continents, most notably Leng and Cibola. He was neutral to slightly in favor of the Atkins Reduction, but later changed his mind and opposed it.

Alexander also played a major role in the Society's aggressive policy against breakaway mapping organizations, condemning the Alternate Realities project and the Geographical Standards Organization. As part of his efforts, he created several higher-quality maps including the Special Map and the Quetzal Map, both of which were warmly received but never caught on. He was instrumental in arguing for the creation of the MicrasWiki, as well as several other projects that never came to fruition.

Despite this history, he has mostly stayed away from the current political system at the MCS, saying that he doesn't have the time or interest to debate every single claim made by every single new nation. Although he was briefly added to the Council, he voluntarily quit after realizing he didn't have the interest to vote there. He currently prefers to influence matters by pestering dr-spangle and other friends in the Council.

Other Projects

Scott takes an interest in the mechanics of recwar, having designed the core of the modern recwar system himself under the aegis of SNARL, the Shirerithian-Natopian-Antican Recwar League which predated Anunia. In December 2009, he created QUARREL, a battle calculator with more features and better automation than the original Anunia system, but it has yet to catch on, except in Nelaga, where enthusiasm for it has so far not been followed up with any test conflicts.

Scott's latest interest is in building better relations between the Micras and MicroWiki communities. He considers the MicroWiki community similar to Micras in the first years of the 21st century - full of ambition and excitement but without self-awareness or direction - making it infinitely more interesting than the ossified state of the current Micras Sector. He hopes to combine the experience of the one and the energy of the other into a unified sector with the best characteristics of both.