United Micronations (1999)

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This article is about one of the United Micronations. For the numerous other organisations of the same name, see United Micronations (disambiguation).

The United Micronations was an intermicronational organization that appeared on the Internet probably in early 1999. Its web-page was online until October 2000 (via archive.org), which gave it the status of "exctinct".

The United Zoe Katholike Patriarchate of Somtowia-St.Papinian and the Principality of Zugesbucht jointly founded the United Micronations in order to make a place for all micronations who want to share their URLs and information with each others.

The United Micronations was strictly unpolitical and didn't compete at the time with any other micronational alliances. Membership in the United Micronations was free and newcomers did not have to be voted on. All micronations that were recognized by another micronation were accepted as members. At the time, the Chair of the UM was the Principality of Zugesbucht.

Requests for membership had to be sent to the Chancellery of the Principality of Zugesbucht.


  • The United Zoe Katholike Patriarchate of Somtowia-St.Papinian
  • The Principality of Zugesbucht
  • The Sovereign Order of Vanesia
  • The Most Serene And Excellent Kingdom of Nikhedonia
  • The Kingdom of Landreth
  • The Dominion of Ottawak
  • United Provinces of Utopia
  • The Imperial Republic of the Mowameddo Regime
  • Ark Maramia
  • Republic of Baja Arizona
  • Kingdom of Lectoria
  • Empire of O Pais
  • The Holy Empire of Reunion
  • The Republic of Freedonia
  • The Kingdom of Zaire
  • Inner Realm of Patria
  • The Principality of Valgraphenstein
  • Zatire
  • The Aerican Empire
  • The New Worcester Kingdom
  • The Republic of Eslo
  • The Empire of Hesperia