Ark Maramia

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Ark Maramia
Flag of Ark Maramia
Official languagesCidarke, Czechoslovakian, English
GovernmentConstitutional [Direct] Democracy
• Current leader
• Foundation
7th of July, 1995CE

Ark Maramia is a small micronation of 4 citizens located in the Czech Republic.


Ark Maramia was founded on the 7th of July, 1995, by Radek Zahradník and Petr Šilhán. Its predecessors were the micronations of Hiberia (1994-1995), Manakva (1989-1994), and Vitga (1978-1989). As such, this micronation can trace its history back over 40 years, from July 1978, when the micronation of Vitga was founded, to the present-day micronation of Ark Maramia. Ark Maramia wa founded as a constitutional theocracy ruled by Maram, the sacred leader (an intentionally fictional person). The first constitution was issued on the 17th of August, 1996, which resulted in the ending of the provisory period. Jan Havliš joined the micronation on August 15, 1995.

In June, 1997, Ark Maramia entered the United Micronations. In the July of the same year, the so-called Bug War began between the Kingdom of Talossa and many members of the United Micronations. It was caused, for the most part, by arrogant behaviour of the former king of Talossa, Robert I. In the same month, Nick Summers of the micronation, Xapqt (New South Wales, Australia), joined Ark Maramia and became a non-integral territory of Ark Maramia.

In October, 1997, Ark Maramia became a federation. The former administrative districts, Asenute, Xapqt, Ramarnam and Tasservan, became autonomous. This made it easier to expand. In December 1997, Ark Maramia became part of the Federation Pentad. This unfortunate conglomerate broke up in April, 1998.

Ark Maramia still kept its federal system after the break up of the Pentad. In April, 1998, Ark became member of the Grand Alliance. The break-up of the Pentadic Federation resulted in a schism in the micronation between the strictly online citizens and those citizens that lived on Arkian lands. All of the diplomatic ex cathedra recognitions of foreign micronations were retracted, and, from that point forward, the only internet-dependent micronations with which Ark remained in communication with were members of the Grand Alliance. Eventually, in March, 1999, Ark left the Grand Alliance. At that time, the only way to contact Ark Maramia via the Internet was through its Cyber-embassy. Ark Maramia no longer considers itself to be a "classical" micronation, but instead proposes the concept of microethnicism, the "self-proclaimed new ethnic". According to the Chart of Human Rights, all citizens of Ark Maramia have agreed to accept Arkian as their primary nationality in real life.

In November, 1999, the federal system was abolished. The members of the government then ratified a new Constitution. One of the changes in the new constitution was a change in the political system to a direct democracy. Maram became the "true spiritual leader", whilst the legislative and executive power was taken by the Council of Ark. Tereza Dědinová joined Maramia on August 25.


Ark Maramia consists of the following Circles:

  1. Lands of Taksil Circle, located in Horní Čermná, East Bohemia; these are Aim, Arem, Eigem, Garatem, Gerdem, Noten, Rirrem, Taracit and Teral,
  2. Land of White Fortress Circle, located in Brno, South Moravia,
  3. Land of Elar Circle, located in Mikulášovice, North Bohemia.


There are 4 citizens in Ark Maramia.


The Arkian language (cidarke) is a priori constructed language created by Jan Havliš for Ark.

The language has been further developed and enriched by the Language Institute.


imoleru (Today)

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