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Symbol of Hiberia

Hiberia was a small micronation of two citizens, located in Horní Čermná, East Bohemia, Czech Republic. Hiberia, meaning Homeland in Hiberian, used a constructed language created by Radek Zahradník for Hiberia


Hiberia came into being following the fall of Manakva on October 16, 1994, having been established by Radek Zahradník. In an attempt to save what was left of Manakva, New Maram and Talerd, Radek tried to keep control over all Manakvan territory. However, this proved to be too ambitious and he failed to hold its new acquisitions. The general disagreement with his way of ruling lead to a fast end of his rule in July 1995. The collapse of Hiberia led to the creation of Ark Maramia.

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