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A Conlang (short for "Constructed Language") is an artificial language that is created without regards to natural language formation. Whereas most spoken languages evolve over thousands of years, conlangs are created from scratch. (It should be noted, however, that some devoted conlangers attempt to make languages that appear to result from natural changes and indeed, very few actually go back and explore the changes that their language has supposedly undergone.)

There are numerous reasons for developing conlangs. Some linguists have created languages for use in place of natural languages (most notably, Esperanto). Some linguists create them for use in stories (for instance, Klingon). Some create them simply for pleasure or for educational purposes.

Planned, constructed, artificial

The terms "planned", "constructed", and "artificial" are used differently in some traditions. For example, few speakers of Interlingua consider their language artificial, since they assert that it has no invented content; its proponents prefer to describe its vocabulary and grammar as standardised rather than artificial or constructed.

Similarly, Latino sine Flexione (LsF) is a simplification of Latin from which the inflections have been removed. As with Interlingua, some prefer to describe its development as "planning" rather than "constructing".

Some speakers of Esperanto and Ido also avoid the term "artificial language" because they deny that there is anything "unnatural" about the use of their language in human communication.

By contrast, some philosophers have argued that all human languages are conventional or artificial.

Micronational conlangs

The micronational world is home to a number of conlangs. They include the following:

Name Native name Usage Official usage Developer(s) Regulated by ISO 639
Apiyan Fiaula apiana Flag of Apiya.png Apiya Flag of Apiya.png Apiya
Cet Cet CetFlag.jpg Ceticilia CetFlag.jpg Ceticilia Committe of the Ceticilian Language
Democratic Union British Demokrata Uniista Britansk Arura novale.png Arura Novale
Da308f42ff936ba49bff9d70a6be8ddd.png Democratic Union of British States
Arura novale.png Arura Novale
Da308f42ff936ba49bff9d70a6be8ddd.png Democratic Union of British States
Da308f42ff936ba49bff9d70a6be8ddd.png Democratic Union of British States
Edallic Edallic Andersonian Flag.png Sirocco Andersonian Flag.png Sirocco Nicholas Woode-Smith
Glebish Glebisk GlebianaFlag.png Glebiania GlebianaFlag.png Glebiania Jakob Gleby Department of Culture of Glebiania gl/gle
Gutaish Gütäisi Bascal flag.jpg Bascal none, recognised as a "Regional language" by Bascal. Amir Syafiq Gütäisisphrëagënkønswel gt
Linitian Linitian Flaglinian.png Linian, People's Republic of Flaglinian.png Linian, People's Republic of Maximilian Christian Linitian State Bureau of Linguistics ln
Papian Papiane Crasager flag.png Koss Crasager flag.png Koss Lucas Campos Academie den Lingui pp
Prsänëan Persänëtagarë Prsanea Flag.png Prsänëa Prsanea Flag.png Prsänëa James E Wilary Prsänëan Language Regulation Board ps
Riküçreb RikuchrebinRikuchreb.png RikucharFlag.png Rikuchar RikucharFlag.png Rikuchar Bin Stùrd Riküçreb Pak Yitü sü Ribizrøk (Proposed) rc
Siroccan Sirokie Andersonian Flag.png Sirocco Andersonian Flag.png Sirocco Daniel Anderson Siroccan Language Authority sp
Slavstrian Cлaвcтpiшкiя язїкa Flag of Slavstria.png Tsardom of Slavstria Flag of Slavstria.png Tsardom of Slavstria Matthew Manning Slavstrian Ministry of Culture and Language slv
Spaldian Spaldsk House of Nassau-Ter Haar House of Nassau-Ter Haar Unknown House of Nassau-Ter Haar sp
Theodian Th R Trans TheodianLanguage.png No speakers;
still incomplete.
Th Flag National 8.png Theodia Miles B Huff Linguistic Council of Theodia art
Tiwikean Tiwikean Flag of Suwerenny.png Suwerenny Flag of Suwerenny.png Suwerenny T Cherepuschak Government of Suwerenny tx
Westlandian Westlandisch Westland new flag.png Westland Flag of DWFR.png New Dale-Westland A.T. Phoenix Westlandian Language Institute ws
Zairskaj Zairskaj Flaglinian.png Linian, People's Republic of Flaglinian.png Linian, People's Republic of (Only regional, not official.) Maximilian Christian zr
czr (Cyrillic)
lzr (Latin)
Zealandian Zålandienska Zealandian Flag (2016).png Zealandia Zealandian Flag (2016).png Zealandia Charlotte Lindström Zålandienska Språketinstitutiet ze
Cópanajú Cópanajú Copan resised.jpg Royal empire of copan Copan resised.jpg Royal Empire of Copan Jarn Útréjúd ciit Cópan Þan manesn celangrromkenoliip (The people's central institution of language knowledge)


  • Fartian
  • Cryliccy
  • New Amokolian (being constructed)

Ark Maramia


  • Aryezi


  • Craitish

Cranda / Arminy

  • Arminian
  • Crandish
  • Northworthian (?)
  • Slobovian


  • Dannish
  • Tencan
  • Further soon new conlangs, originating from Fictional nations by dancar, will appear.



  • Iridian


Lurk Federation

  • Aerian


  • Ollandic




  • Satirocitan
  • Zibber Zabber
  • Ancient Pwarfadian


  • Yardistani
  • Silika'Borelan
  • Rantsilastani
  • Benacian
  • Horjinic
  • Del-al'Enetet
  • Written Halluci
  • Garla Solarian

Talossa (both)


  • Treithak
  • Sarovinian




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