Edenic Protectorate of Arura Novale

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Edenic Protectorate of Arura Novale
State of the Desi Empire
Native: Edenof Deferata de Arura Novale

Arura novale.png

Una gens, quae dividi

None yet arranged

Official languages
 - Primary

English, Democratic Union British

Capital city City of La Charca

 - Grand Protector
Monarchic Republic
Horatio Eden

 - Charter ratified
 - Joined Desi Empire
March 11th, 2017
April 13th, 2017

 - Citizens
(2017 figures)

 - Total
 - Per capita
2016 estimate

Currency None established

Official metrics
 - Calendar
 - Measurement

Drives on the left

Macronational location United Kingdom

The Edenic Protectorate of Arura Novale (Edenof Deferata de Arura Novale), or simply Arura Novale, is an Edenic protectorate and state of the Desi Empire to the south-east of the City-District of Los Papangeles in the Free City-State of Edenopolis, as well as directly adjacent to the State of Lacusia of the Democratic Union of British States.

Arura Novale is a unitary state, consisting of one singular constituency area: the state itself. The Charter of the state precludes the government from setting up administrative divisions in the nation of any kind, preventing the state from moving towards a system of federalism.

The nation gained independence from the Democratic Union of British States after an executive order from Lord President Horatio Eden removed members of the Union's Territorial Acquisition Commission from the area, pulling them back to halfway across the Lacusian Territory, ceding the other half to the newly formed Arura Novale protectorate. On the 13th of April, 2017, the Protectorate signed a treaty making it a subordinate state to the Desi Empire.

The state is ruled in practice unilaterally by the Grand Protector, currently Horatio Eden, who serves a life tenure. The Charter provides for the passage of laws in the form of Edicts, which the Grand Protector can make and pass on their own with limited legislative input. It also provides for the creation of a legislative Senate, with membership in practice appointed by the Grand Protector, but there is only one such member, the Grand Protector himself. As such, the head of state wields supreme legislative and executive power with few measures in the way of checks and balances.

Two languages are officially spoken in Arura Novale; English and Democratic Union British, a conlang being developed by Grand Protector Eden.


A map of Arura Novale and the surrounding area

Arura Novale has not been formally measured, but examination suggests the nation to be smaller than the smallest internationally recognised nation, Vatican City.

Arura Novale borders to the north-west the Democratic Union of British States via the DU State of Lacusia. Arura Novale for its part was originally the south-western half of what was then the Lacusian Territory, but was ceded when it requested independence via the Charter.

The area itself is mostly swamplike in nature, with tall fronds coming out of a shallow pond at the base of the pit Arura Novale is situated on. Rabbits are known to frequent the area.