Lord President of the Democratic Union of British States

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Lord President of the of Democratic Union of British States
Lord presidential standard.png
Standard of the Lord Presidency
DUBS flag.png
Flag of the Democratic Union
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Horatio Eden

since 22nd December 2016
StyleHis/Her Excellency
Alt: Mr./Madam Lord President or Mr./Madam President
NominatorDU political parties
AppointerDU electorate
Term lengthSix months
Inaugural holderHoratio Eden
Last holderOffice established
SuccessionLord Vice President
DeputyLord Vice President

Democratic Union of British States

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Politics and government of
the Democratic Union of British States

Federal Government

The Lord President of the Democratic Union of British States is the elected head of state and head of government of the Democratic Union of British States. The Lord President, their Lord Vice President, and their appointed cabinet directs the executive branch of the government and possesses a veto over all acts of legislation by the National Council, the national legislature.

Article II of the Constitution of the Democratic Union vests the executive power of the nation in the office of Lord President.[1] The power includes execution of federal law, the ability to veto unilaterally any Act of the National Council at their discretion (subject to a potential overturning of the veto by a two-thirds legislative majority in a National Council with more than five members), and the ability to issue directives to the various executive agencies of the government.

The Lord President is chief of the Executive Branch of the government, and has the authority to appoint the various secretaries of state subject to the approval of the House of Representatives of the National Council. While the Lord President is nominally vested with full executive power, in practice this authority is delegated to these secretaries and the directors of the various agencies. They also have the authority to arrange the Executive Office of the Lord President at their discretion, independent of National Council oversight.

The Treasury Act also gives the Lord President a unique financial power: the power to withhold approval from National Council attempts to coin more of the national currency, the British Crown. It is additionally illegal under this law for any person or organisation to remove money from the Treasury without approval of the Lord President.

An amendment to the Constitution made by the Britannian District Legislature enables the Lord President to make appointments to the National Council unilaterally, as long as there are fewer than five members of the National Council. On the 17th of February, 2017, Lord President Eden utilised this power to add Kit McCarthy and Dallin Langford to the Council and push through his nomination for Secretary of State, Henry Twain.

Since the 22nd of December, 2016, Horatio Eden is Lord President. He is the first and only person to hold the post in the Union's history; the position will be put up for election on the 22nd of June, 2017.

List of Lord Presidents

No. Name Image Lord Vice President Tenure Party Notes
1 Horatio Eden 11880483 869537619768915 4029556121765329462 n.jpg Stephen Freayth 22 December 2016 – Present Conservative and Democratic Party Drafted and ratified the Constitution; created the various Departments of state; Lord President during the DU's entry into the Edenic Compact.


The Feudal Act grants to the office of Lord President the sword Bloodbane - it should be noted, however, that the sword belongs specifically to the office rather than to the person. The Lord President is required, when transacting state affairs in public, to have Bloodbane in their possession at all times in the prosecution of such, though they are also allowed to bear Bloodbane at any time, sheathed or otherwise, at their discretion.

Edenic Compact

In addition to running the executive branch of the Democratic Union, the Lord President is also the head of the Edenic Compact, alongside the King of the Free City-State of Edenopolis.