Bloodbane (sword)

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Bloodbane, taken on the 6th of February, 2017
Place of origin Democratic Union of British States
Service history
In service 2017 -
Used by Lord President of the Democratic Union
Length Approx. 2.5 feet

Bloodbane is the official sword of office for the Lord President of the Democratic Union of British States. The sword does not belong to any individual; rather to the incumbent holder of the office of Lord President. Pursuant to the Feudal Act, the Lord President is required to cede ownership of the sword to the next holder of the office at the moment of their inauguration into the post. Additionally, the Lord President is required to keep Bloodbane in their possession when transacting state business in public, though may also keep it in their possession, sheathed or unsheathed, at any time.

The sword is a little over two and a half feet long, with three crosses set into both sides of the blade. A slightly larger cross is set into the hilt.

The sword was acquired by the Government on the 5th of February, 2017, and it passed into the Lord President's possession later that day with the passage of the Feudal Act.