Feudal Act (DUBS)

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Feudal Act
Flag of the Democratic Union, de facto symbol of the National Council
Long titleAn Act of the National Council of the Democratic Union of British States Respecting the creation of a Department of Feudal Affairs, a number of subordinate agencies for heraldic and sword regulation, and the personal defence of the Lord President
NicknamesFeudal Act
Enacted bythe 1st National Council
Effective5th February, 2017
Introduced byRep. Horatio Eden (District of Britannia)
Current statusActive legislation
MSLC CitationFeudal Act DUN P 2017
DULC CitationL1-2017-8
Legislative history
Considered byHouse Committee on Defence
Passed by House of Representatives5th February, 2017 by unanimous House (1-0)
Signed by Lord President5th February, 2017 by Lord President Horatio Eden
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The Feudal Act (L1-2017-8) is an Act of the National Council of the Democratic Union of British States that provides for the creation of a Department of Feudal Affairs with two subordinate agencies: the College of Heraldic Arms, responsible for regulating which noble House or family may use any particular coat of arms, and the National Swords Agency, or NSA, which regulates the naming and possession of swords throughout the Edenic Compact.

It also gives the incumbent Lord President an official sword of office, named "Bloodbane" in legislation, that they are obligated to keep in their possession when transacting "state business in public".[1]

Introduced to the House by Representative Horatio Eden (C-District of Britannia), it passed the House unanimously on the 5th of January, 2017 and was signed into law by the Lord President on the same day.