Copyright Act (DUBS)

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Copyright Act
Flag of the Democratic Union, de facto symbol of the National Council
Long titleAn Act of the National Council of the Democratic Union of British States Respecting a system of copyright and intellectual property within the Union for the preservation of the creations of citizens of the Union and non-citizens within the Union
NicknamesCopyright Act
Enacted bythe 1st National Council
Effective1st January, 2017
Introduced byRep. Horatio Eden (District of Britannia)
Current statusActive legislation
MSLC CitationCopyright Act DUN P 2016
DULC CitationL1-2017-2
Legislative history
Considered byHouse Committee on the Judiciary
Passed by House of Representatives1st January, 2017 by unanimous House (1-0)
Signed by Lord President1st January, 2017 by Lord President Horatio Eden
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The Copyright Act (L1-2017-2) is an Act of the National Council of the Democratic Union of British States that creates a system of intellectual property within the Democratic Union. It provides for a period of copyright protection for creators of work of "any kind"[1] that lasts twenty-eight years from the request for copyright from the government.

It additionally sets out that all work of the government is public domain and can be used or re-used at will for commercial purposes without fear of reprisal or prosecution.

Introduced to the House by Representative Horatio Eden (C-District of Britannia), it passed the House unanimously on the 1st of January, 2017 and was signed into law by the Lord President on the same day.