Britannian District Legislature

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Britannian District Legislature
1st Session
HousesOne chamber
Term limits
Six months
Founded23rd December, 2016
Preceded byParliament of the United Kingdom
New session started
23rd December, 2016
Speaker of the House
Political groups
District Government
  Conservative-Democratic: 1
  Independent: 1
AuthorityLaw within the District of Britannia
Next election
23rd June, 2017

The Britannian District Legislature is the unicameral legislature of the District of Britannia, currently the only formal state of the Democratic Union of British States. Led by Speaker Angela, Daedric Prince of Darkness, the legislature has the authority to legislate on behalf of the District, though the legislature has used its authority under Article Five of the Constitution in order to amend the Constitution without National Council approval in the past.

The first session of the legislature came two months after its creation, when Speaker Angela was appointed by executive order.