International Organisations Act (DUBS)

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International Organisations Act
Flag of the Democratic Union, de facto symbol of the National Council
Long titleAn Act of the National Council of the Democratic Union of British States Respecting the implementation of laws and regulations regarding the creation of an agency on international organisations subordinate to the Department of State
NicknamesInternational Organisations Act
Enacted bythe 1st National Council
Effective31st December, 2016
Introduced byRep. Horatio Eden (District of Britannia)
Current statusActive legislation
MSLC CitationInternational Organisations Act DUN P 2016
DULC CitationL1-2016-5
Legislative history
Considered byHouse Committee on Foreign Affairs
Passed by House of Representatives31st December, 2016 by unanimous House (1-0)
Rejected by House of Representativesby 3
Signed by Lord President31st December, 2016 by Lord President Horatio Eden
Related legislation
Citizenship Act

The International Organisations Act (L1-2016-5) is an Act of the National Council of the Democratic Union of British States that created the International Organisations Agency of the Department of State, which was also created that day by the Citizenship Act.[1] The Agency is responsible under the Act for "[investigating] the various international organisations of the MicroWiki Sector and [determining]... their utility in advancing the foreign policy of the Government."[2] It also gives the Director of the Agency authority over the appointment of delegates or consuls to the various international organisations the nation becomes a party to (with Presidential approval,[3] though this approval may be overturned by the House of Representatives).

Introduced to the House by Representative Horatio Eden (C-District of Britannia), it was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives on the 31st of December, 2016, and was signed into law by the Lord President on the same day.