DUBS Lord Presidential election, June 2017

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Lord Presidential election, June 2017
22nd May, 2017
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Candidate Horatio Eden
Party Conservative and Democratic Party
Home state District of Britannia
Running mate Undeclared

Lord President before election

Horatio Eden
Conservative and Democratic Party

Elected Lord President


On the 22nd of June, 2017, the mandate of current Lord President of the Democratic Union of British States, Horatio Eden, is set to expire; at this point the position will need to be put up for re-election. The date for the election is currently set to the 22nd of May, 2017. However, it is considered a June election, as this is when the Lord President is required to leave office. The Lord Presidential election for June 2017 will take place at the same time as the National Council election, which elects the membership of the National Council's House of Representatives.

The Constitution precludes the government from legislating to implement term limits on the position of Lord President; as such, incumbent Lord President Horatio Eden is entitled to run for a second term, which he has declared he will. Currently there are no other potential or declared candidates for the post, nor can any run under the current form of the Constitution. The Cabinet of the Union has announced plans to relax the requirements of the Constitution to increase the potential number of candidates.


Under the Constitution, the Lord President and all members of the National Council's House of Representatives are required to surrender their offices six months after having taken them (unless they have won re-election). The Constitution precludes the government from legislating with respect to term limits; as such, all Representatives and the Lord President are allowed to run an indefinite number of times.

A resolution of the House of Representatives sets the date of the election to the 22nd of May, 2017, enabling a month's transitional period between the outgoing and incoming administrations and memberships of the House of Representatives.