DUBS National Council election, June 2017

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June 2017 National Council election
← Constitution ratified 22nd May, 2017 December, 2017 →

All 6 seats to the National Council's House of Representatives
4 seats required for a majority
4 seats needed for a majority
  Conservative democratic party.png Cinnamon Creek Flag.png GCOA AbelCom.png
Leader Horatio Eden Dallin Langford Stephen Freayth
Party Conservative and Democratic Party Socialist-Green Party DUBS Independence Party
Current seats 1 1 1
Seats needed 3 3 3

Incumbent National Council majority

Coalition, headed by the CDP

On June 22nd, 2017, the mandate of all current members of the National Council's House of Representatives will expire; at this time, all seats will need to be put up for re-election.

There are currently three parties in the Democratic Union; the Conservative and Democratic Party, headed by current Lord President and Speaker pro tem of the House of Representatives, Horatio Eden; the Socialist-Green Party of Dallin Langford; and the Democratic Union of British States Independence Party of Stephen Freayth.

Given the draught of citizens, it is altogether likely that all incumbent members of the House will be re-elected. The rules for the election have not been formally set out.