Ceticilia (2016-2023)

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Flag of Ceticilia in one of the accepted aspect ratios
Seal of Ceticilia
Coat of arms
Anthem: Ode to Ceticilia
Government Service Seal
Map of metropolitan Ceticilia
Map of Ceticilian metropolitan boroughs (red), before relinquishing
LocationEurope (metropolitan), Asia, North America
and largest city
Ostweiden (previously Neuheim)
50°N 7°E
Official languagesCet, English, German, Spanish, Toki Pona, Japanese
Recognised regional languagesRipuarian
GovernmentPresidential and Parliamentary Republic
• President
Jean-Luc Caliastre
• 2024 estimate
Date formatISO 8601
Internet TLD.cet (temporarily)

The historic Ceticilia (Older Cet: cetcile, newer Cet: cetklé, getklé) was a mixed parliamentary and presidential republic founded in March 2016 on international cooperation, laissez-faire values and free development of personality, especially in regards to LGBT rights and as a response to homophobia in German politics. Originally a direct democracy with the president being the only governmental role, Ceticilia went through a number of ideological and political reforms throughout the years. Ceticilia's culture was strongly influenced by German, Spanish and English aspects, with its cultural constructed language, Cet, originally planned as a link between those three languages, which was ultimatelly dropped and Cet entirely disconnected from its identity as Ceticilian. In 2024, Ceticilia has been relaunched and is now colloquially known as NeoCeticilia

Ceticilia's territories, before they were relinquished, lay in Germany, Spain, Macau, and the United States with the metropolitan parts of Ceticilia all well within Germany. Because of a trilateral agreement of Altannia, Ceticilia and Chuk Wan Shan, all three nations bordered each other, most importantly for Ceticilia, a part of Altannia proper, Westweiden, lay right next to Ostweiden, a part of metropolitan Ceticilia. Sheeplandia, the westernmost part of Ceticilia, has historically caused tensions between Altannia and Ceticilia, as at one point, Sheeplandia was a territory of Altannia and unlawfully seceded to rejoin Ceticilia.


The word "Ceticilia" was not intrinsically given any meaning and was chosen for its sound, although it is possible that the name was inspired by the name "Cecilia" and the word "Celestia", though that remains speculative. The name has been said to exude the Cellar Door effect by Jean-Luc Caliastre. The name was later retroactively given meaning, coming from the Cet "cet" and "cil", meaning "get" and "clay" respectively. In the current iteration of Cet, it is rendered as cetklé (get-clay), which is itself a reference to the term for land in Polandball comics, as Ceticilia was often looking into expanding its physical territory.



In late 2015 to early 2016, Lily Jane Rotfels and Taylor Mia Torres were discussing micronationalism and about the Republic of Borkenfels in particular, which was not accessible to people internationally and was very loosely kept from which the idea to create a nation for people from all around the world was developed. It was around that time that the name Ceticilia was first uttered, although some sources, such as Lily Jane Rotfels claim that the name "Liberalia" or "Ceticilia-Liberalia" were also in the realm of possibilities. The nation was formally founded on 29 March 2016, with the first four citizens being Jordan Lord, Jessica S., Taylor Mia Torres and Lily Jane Rotfels. Shortly after founding, Lily Jane Rotfels became the first president with 75% of the vote, the highest percentage after the election of Mya Dyth in 2020, in which she got 77% of the vote.

The first constitution of Ceticilia was ratified in August 2016 and laid out some very basic frameworks for Ceticilian governance, such as the presidential terms, and the position of Chief Justice, though it was ultimately a very rudimentary document. On 15 August 2016, Taylor Mia Torres was sworn in as the first Chief Justice of Ceticilia, the only judicial position at the time, which she remained until her election to President in 2017. Her most notable act was banning the Anarchist Party of Ceticilia for being perceived a threat to the integrity of Ceticilia. In the wake of that, the Anarctarian was founded, which was ultimately given up by founder Jordan Lord and the Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia was founded, which existed until Ceticilia's dissolution in 2023.

Political Turmoil

In 2017, the Geolibertarian Party and the Progressive Party of Ceticilia got into numerous verbal fights, with the Geolibertarians accusing the Progressives of corruption and dictatorial rule, while the Progressives accused the Geolibertarians of being overly dramatic and slanderous. These verbal fights settled until the Presidential election, which powered another wave of those fights. The Presidential election concluded with Jordan Lord from the Geolibertarians being awarded 4/15 votes in the first round and 0/12 in the second. The election ended with 6 votes for both Taylor Mia Torres and Lily Jane Rotfels of the Progrssive party, after they had already tied in the primaries. This problem was solved by the presidency being voluntarily ceded to Taylor Mia Torres by Lily Jane Rotfels.

Shortly after her election to president, Taylor Mia Torres used a sockpuppet account and infiltrated the Geolibertarian Party under a false name, "Kurisu". She managed to be elected leader of the Geolibertarian Party in that operation but was ultimately found out via an IP-trap. The Chief Justice at the time Elemer San Miguel counted that offense as unconstitutional and swiftly impeached her, about one month after her election. This event was known as #WolfyGate, in reference to the username of Torres in some online spaces, though because of the name Kurisu is a reference to Steins;Gate, the incident was later also called #SteinsGate. Following this incident, Rotfels became acting president but managed to win another presidential election in the same month, though under a different party, the Social Democratic Party of Ceticilia.

Two months into the term, Lily Jane Rotfels tried to stage a coup to establish the Kingdom of Ceticilia, leading to being impeached. This impeachment was overturned because the acts which were committed to that point were not actually in conflict with the constitution, though the Chief Justice demanded a referendum take place. This referendum, for the establishment of a kingdom, went in favor of Rotfels, with a majority of 100% (6-0).

Kingdom of Ceticilia

The first monarchy of Ceticilia, the Kingdom of Ceticilia saw the implementation of the Senate and the House of Representatives, being the first Parliament of Ceticilia. From its inception, the Kingdom of Ceticilia attracted a lot of criticism, mainly from the Libertarian Socialist Party of Ceticilia, the party of Taylor Mia Torres. The governing party for all of the Kingdom's history was the Ceticilian Alliance. The Kingdom existed from 27 July 2017 and was disestablished by the queen on 7 October 2017, as a reaction to criticism of the system of governance, by disestablishing the Royal Senate and giving Parliament supreme executive and legislative power from 7 October 2017 onwards. The office of President was reestablished not long after and a president elected on 8 January 2018.

The Royal Senate was handpicked by the queen of Ceticilia and roughly reflected party alliances. The House of Representatives was elected via Single Transferable Vote (STV) and saw the Ceticilian alliance get two thirds of the seats in both elections during that time.

Second Republic

The second republic saw many changes made during the kingdom remain in place. Parliament was an institution that was well established, though no longer bicameral. The name was changed from Kingdom of Ceticilia to Ceticilian Republic, differing from the first republic whose name was Republic of Ceticilia. The flag was reverted to the pre-kingdom one. The Second Republic saw the creation of the second oldest Ceticilian political party, the Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia, which was created out of the union of Ceticilian Alliance and the Libertarian Socialists.

The Libertarian Socialists and the Geolibertarians never managed to get more than one seat in Parliament at the time, while the Ceticilian Alliance at its height managed to elect four Members of Parliament. The second republic was also the time of the Quiet Era, from 2019 to 2020.

Quiet Era

The election of Pablo Zumo called in the quiet era, an era in Ceticilian history where nothing noteworthy happened. The election of Pablo Zumo in the first place was controversial, as he was an independent who later joined the Geolibertarian Party, and he tied with Taylor Mia Torres in the election, with parliament tipping the vote in his favor by Lily Jane Rotfels abstaining and because his Altannian background might be problematic in Ceticilian politics, though these worries were unfounded.


With the election of Mya Dyth in 2020, Ceticilia revitalized, though her presidency did not last long. In the following years, Ceticilia remained reasonably active until the vacancy crises in 2022.

Second Monarchy

Jean-Luc Caliastre crowned himself Crown Prince during this time.

Third Monarchy Dispute

Luna Aphelion crowned herself God Queen during this time, which lasted only one day. The validity of this reign remains disputed.


The nation was disestablished democratically on 1 December 2023 and has remained defunct since.




The Parliament of Ceticilia or CetÞing was one of two independent but equivalent, and therefore unicameral, legislative means of Ceticilia and was elected every quarter year by all Ceticilian citizens. A bill was accepted into law as soon as a majority of seats voted in favor of it. The CetÞing could not change the constitution. The Parliament of Ceticilia was first formulated in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Ceticilia and consisted out of two chambers, the Royal Senate and the House or Representatives, with only the latter being elected by the public, while the monarch assembled the senate. The senate was dissolved as the kingdom was.


Referendums could be petitioned by any Ceticilian citizen getting the required amount of signatures. Unlike Parliament, referendums could influence the consitution with a vote of two thirds or more in favor of the amendment. The referendum needed the floored square root of citizens partaking in the election to be valid.

Political parties

Ceticilian parties played a role from 2017 onwards, in which the Progressive Party of Ceticilia and the Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia were at the peak of their emnities. Though at the time parties were not legally recognized, party allegiance was nearly a prerequisite to achieving any political office, with every presidential election except the upset victory of Pablo Zumo in 2019 being won by a member of a political party. The most influental of which shifted a lot over time. In early Ceticilian history, the Progressive Party and the Geolibertarian Party were sizable, while the Sparkle Party was dormant for most of its short existence. With the scandal around #WolfyGate, Lily Jane Rotfels branched off from the Progressive Party and founded the Social Democratic Party of Ceticilia, though it was rather unsuccessful. The Libertarian Party was presumably founded somewhere around the time of the Kingdom of Ceticilia [citation needed]. The Kingdom of Ceticilia saw two dominant parties, the Libertarian Socialist Party, on the left of the spectrum and the Ceticilian Alliance, which was a monarchist big-tent party during the kingdom and a big-tent liberal party after it. The end of the monarchy saw the return of the Geolibertarians, while the Ceticilian Alliance dissolved, with their members joining the Geolibertarian Party and the newfly founded Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia. The year 2018 also saw the most non-partisan members of parliament, though a majority of party members was always present. Álvaro Barredo and Nathan Deyak, formerly independent, founded the Ceticilian Collapse Cult, though it collapsed not long after it was founded. After a period of relative quiet in 2019, 2020 saw the creation of two new parties in the Ceticilian political sphere; the Ceticilian Ecological Union and the Conservative Party of Ceticilia, the former later became a caucus of the Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia until the dissolution of Ceticilia.

Party Ideology Spectrum Leader Parliament of Ceticilia Status
Democratic Socialist Party Democratic Socialism Left Miguel Ceticiliam
5 / 6
Ceticilian Alliance Social Democrat, Libertarian Center Lily Jane Rotfels
4 / 5
Ceticilian Ecological Union Environmentalism, Socialism, Vegetarianism Left Lily Jane Rotfels
2 / 4
Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia Libertarian, Liberal Center-right Jordan Lord
2 / 5
Libertarian Socialist Party of Ceticilia Socialist, Marxist Left Taylor Mia Torres
1 / 3
Ceticilian Collapse Cult Unclear Unclear Álvaro Barredo, Nathan Deyak
2 / 6
Ceticilian Communist Party Socialist, Stalinist Left Sean Ceticiliam N/A Defunct
Sparkle Party Environmentalist, Social Liberal Center-left Jessica S. N/A Defunct
Progressives Social Democrat, Left-Libertarian Center-left Taylor Mia Torres N/A Defunct
Social Democratic Party of Ceticilia Social Democrat, Libertarian, Social Liberal Center-left Lily Jane Rotfels N/A Defunct
Libertarian Party of Ceticilia Libertarian, Liberal Center-right Jørgen Natt N/A Defunct
Anarchist Party of Ceticilia Ancap, Anarchist Right Jordan Lord N/A Banned
National Socialist Party of Ceticilia Fascist Right ? N/A Banned



The executive of Ceticilia consisted out of the head of state (usually the president) and the ministries and government offices. The most important of ministries was the MERI - the Ministry of Elections, Records and Immigration.

Head of State

# Role Name Took office Left office Notes
1 President Lily Jane Rotfels 2016-03-29 2017-03-29
2 President Taylor Mia Torres 2017-03-29 2017-04-30 Impeached
3 President Lily Jane Rotfels 2017-04-30 2017-07-27
Queen Lily Jane Rotfels (Jane I) 2017-07-27 2017-10-07 Abdicated
N/A Executive Parliament 2017-10-07 2018-01-08
4 President Lily Jane Rotfels 2018-01-08 2019-03-29
5 President Pablo Zumo 2019-03-29 2020-03-29
6 President Mya Kelch 2020-03-29 2020-06-05 Resigned
7 President Jordan Lord 2020-06-05 2020-06-30 Succeeded as Kelch's former Vice President
8 President Taylor Mia Torres 2020-06-30 2021-03-29 Won extempore election
9 President Lily Jane Rotfels 2021-03-29 2021-08-11
10 President Taylor Mia Torres 2021-08-11 2022-03-29 Won extempore election
11 President Jean-Luc Demièn Caliastre 2022-03-29 2022-09-13
Crown Prince Jean-Luc Demièn Caliastre (John II) 2022-09-13 2022-09-29 Government dissolved
N/A Vacant 2022-09-29 2022-12-20 No head of state prescribed by law [citation needed]
12 Ruler ChatGPT 2022-12-20 2022-12-23 Abdicated
N/A Vacant 2022-12-23 2022-12-30 Direct democracy [citation needed]
13 President Jean-Luc Demièn Caliastre 2022-12-30 2023-07-09 Won extempore election
14 President Jordan Lord 2023-07-09 2023-08-12 Won extempore election; resigned
N/A Vacant 2022-08-12 2022-08-27
15 President Taylor Mia Torres 2023-08-27 2023-12-01 Won extempore election
Nation dissolved