Ceticilian Republic

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Ceticilian Republic

Europe, America
Capital city Neuheim
Largest city Hoogland
Official language(s) German, English, Spanish and Ceticilian
Short name Ceticilia
Demonym Ceticilian/Cet
Government Republic
- President of Ceticilia John Rotfels
Legislature Parliament of Ceticilia
Established 2016-03-29
Population 19 (as of 2017)
Currency none (CTXGJA proposed/removed from constitution)
Time zone GMT-5;GMT+1
National animal Dove

Ceticilia's website

The Ceticilian Republic (formerly Republic [of] Ceticilia and Kingdom of Ceticilia) is a micronation based inside of Germany and the United States of America and was conceptualized as early as 2014. It is divided into two provinces. It was, de facto and per Ceticilian law, founded on 2016-03-29 as the Republic of Ceticilia, however a few months would pass until the first constitution was officially ratified. Ceticilia is a relatively young nation and therefore has a moderate amount of significant history.




The nation was founded by four people namely Jessica S., John Rotfels, Jordan Lord and Alain T. on the founding day on 2016-03-29 the first President - John Rotfels - was elected. In its pre-constitutional days many names were proposed, one of which was "Liberalia" which was part of its name for as long as the constitution was not yet ratified as "Federation Ceticilia-Liberalia". The population stood at four for about a month after which two new people joined Ceticilia. Not long after creation of the nation political parties started to form, the oldest being the Progressive Party of Ceticilia (Social-Democratic), the second oldest being the Sparkle Party (Environmentalist). Both of these parties are defunct nowadays.


With the introduction of a constitution many things were improved, law would be easier to maintain and new positions such as Chief Justice of Ceticilia have been created. The constitution has been criticized as being too vague however and calls began soon to reform the constitution that was currently in place. John Rotfels, the current president in power fulfilled his one year term that was constitutionally set, there has been no revote after the introduction of the constitution. Population Towards the end of 2016 Ceticilia witnessed a massive increase of citizens, DANC-leaders Matthew Comyn, Nathan Deyak and Álvaro Barredo joined the nation nearing the end of 2016. The population at the end of 2016 consisted of 17 persons.

First Republic

The first republic was a presidential direct-democratic republic, the presidents are listed below in the government history; however a now non-existent position of vice-president used to exist:

Number Name Under President Notes
List of Ceticilian Vice Presidents
1 Vice President Alain T. President John Rotfels First Vice
2 Vice President Jordan Lord President John Rotfels
3 Vice President Jessica S. President John Rotfels First Female Vice
4 Vice President Sinan Rotfels President John Rotfels
5 Vice President John Rotfels President Alain T.
Office abolished
6 Vice President Jørgen Natt President John Rotfels


Political Tensions and Election

At the beginning of 2017 political tensions rose massively: the Geolibertarian Party and the Progressive Party kept verbally fighting until the election and drama ensued. The Progressive Party was the party in power at the time and the Geolibertarian Party titled itself "the opposition". In March of 2017 the second Ceticilian election was held, John Rotfels and Alain T. tied in this election, though the win was given to Alain T. for having the most first votes of all candidates partaking in this election, after this election tensions didn't come to a halt, Alain T.'s term was one month long; after he was found guilty of infiltrating the Geolibertarian Party he was immediately impeached for treason against the constitution.


On 2017-07-27 a constitutional referendum was held to override the old constitution in favor of the constitution of the Kingdom of Ceticilia. The vote ended 6-0 for the constitution making it approved by 100% of the voting population. The constitution instated new governmental institutions: the Senate and the House of Representatives however those have been joined together to form The Parliament of Ceticilia.

Government History

Number Name Date of inauguration End of term Term length Term number Notes Political party/Majority Party/Coalition Vote
List of Ceticilian Heads of States
1 President John Rotfels 2016-03-29 2017-03-29 1 year 1st First President Progressive Party of Ceticilia.png Progressive Party of Ceticilia
3 / 4
2 President Alain T. 2017-03-29 2017-04-30 1 month, 1 day 2nd Progressive Party of Ceticilia.png Progressive Party of Ceticilia
6 / 12
1 President pro Tempore John Rotfels 2017-04-30 2017-05-18 18 days 3rd Progressive Party of Ceticilia.png Progressive Party of Ceticilia Temporary President after impeachment
1 President John Rotfels 2017-05-18 2017-07-27 70 days 4th Spc logo.png Social Democratic Party of Ceticilia
8 / 17
1 King John Rotfels 2017-07-27 2017-10-07 72 days, total = 160 day 5th CA .png Ceticilian Alliance
6 / 6
3 Parliament 2b 2017-10-07 2017-12-31 85 days 6th First non-natural/collective Head of State CA .png Ceticilian Alliance -
4 Parliament 3 2018-01-01 2018-01-07 1 week 7th Last collective Hos, presidency reinstated No absolute majorities -
1 President John Rotfels 2018-01-08 2018-03-30 8th CA .png Ceticilian Alliance
8 / 15
1 President John Rotfels 2018-03-30 2019-03-29 (scheduled) 9th CA .png Ceticilian Alliance
6 / 9
Number Name Date of inauguration End of term Notes Political party
List of Chief Justices of Ceticilia
1 Chief Justice Alain T. 2016-08-15 2017-03-29 First Chief Justice Progressive Party
2 Chief Justice Elemer San Miguel 2017-03-29 incumbent Ceticilian Alliance
Number Name Date of inauguration End of term Notes Vote Political party
List of Chief Diplomats of Ceticilia
1 Chief Diplomat John Rotfels 2017-10-15 2017-12-31 (planned) First Chief Diplomat
6 / 9
Ceticilian Alliance


Referendum Contents Proposed by Yes-votes
List of Referendums in Ceticilia
1st Shift Shift from Republic to Kingdom John Rotfels
6 / 6
2nd Flag Referendum Flag Referendum John Rotfels, Matthew Comyn
6 / 9
winning flag, first round
2nd Shift Shift from Kingdom to Republic John Rotfels
8 / 13
3rd Flag Referendum Shift from Kingdom to Republic Jordan Lord, Álvaro Barredo
6 / 10

Color key: 0-10% FF0000 11-20% FF3300 21-30% FF6600 31-40% FF9900 41-50% FFCC00 51-60% FFFF00 61-70% CCFF00 71-80% 99ff00 81-90% 66FF00 91-100% 33FF00


Ceticilia's parliament was elected partially by the people and appointed by the king, the elected part of the Parliament was equivalent to one fourth of the population. The Parliament is still voted on every three months. The appointed part (also known as "Senate") was the power to appoint ministries. The first makeup of the Parliament was as follows:

Party Ideology Spectrum Leader Parliament of Ceticilia Logo
Political parties represented in the Parliament
LSP Socialist, Marxist Libertarian Far Left Alain Torres
2 / 6
Ceticilian Alliance Social Democrat, Libertarian Center John Rotfels
4 / 6
CA .png

The Parliament is now fully voted by the population of Ceticilia as the office of "King" has been abolished.

Members of the first Parliament were:

Name Province or Territory Format of Appointment No. of term
Alain T. Sheeplandia Elected 1st
Matthew Comyn none Appointed by King 1st
John Rotfels Capital Territory/Neuheim Was King 1st
Joergen Natt none Elected 1st
Dixon none Appointed by King 1st
Nico Sprelbuerg Elected 1st

Human Rights

Gender equality

The Ceticilian state does not recognize gender and avoids the use of "he" and "she" in the constitution, this couldn't be respected universally in some occasions, though. All humans are created equal before Ceticilian law.

LGBT Rights


Category Ceticilia
Same-sex sexual activity Yes check.png
Equal age of consent Yes check.png
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes check.png
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas Yes check.png
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity Yes check.png/X mark.png (Identity-hate-crimes are generally illegal)
Anti-hate speech legislation Yes check.png
Recognition of same-sex couples (e.g. civil unions) X mark.png (Civil unions do not exist in Ceticilia)
Marriage Equality (e.g. Same sex marriage) Yes check.png
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes check.png
Homosexuals allowed to serve openly in the military Yes check.png (Conscription)
Transgender persons allowed to serve openly in the military Yes check.png (Conscription)
Right to change legal gender Yes check.png/X mark.png (Gender irrelevant to state, freedom of personal development)
Access to in vitro fertilisation for lesbians Yes check.png (no current facilities exist)
Male homosexuals allowed to donate blood Yes check.png (no current facilities exist)
Right to change legal gender to a gender other than a binary gender Yes check.png/X mark.png (Gender irrelevant to state, freedom of personal development)
Polygamous marriage Yes check.png/X mark.png (no marriage at all, no explicit ban)

Since the Ceticilian state doesn't recognize gender, marriage can not be limited to "man and woman"






Foreign Relations

Ceticilia is a founding member of the League of Micronations, colloquially known as DANC, after the founding nations Deiakia, Altannia, Noveria, and the Kingdom of Ceticilia. This organization originated in the wake of Eodus's downfall (see Altannia), in order to protect the sovereignty of the member states from external influence.