Gutaish language

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Gutaish language
Gütäisi Sprhëag
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Regulated byGütäisisphrëagënkønswel (Gutaish language council)
Spoken inBascal
Total speakers1

The Gutaish language (Gütäisi Sprhëag) is one of the main languages spoken in Bascal. It is one of the smallest Indo-European languages by number of speakers (no native speakers, with 1 person can speak few words). Gutaish language is part of Gutaic sub-branch of West Germanic branch of Germanic languages. Although it is not one of the official languages of Bascal. It is one of the co-official languages of Singapore Street A.D and Kamp Basca D.C other than Malay, Bascal Malay and English. Gutaish language is officially regulated by Gütäisisphrëagënkønswel (Gutaish language council) which is a department of the Ministry of Language and Culture. It is the only Germanic language to developed in Asia and one of the few Germanic languages to developed outside of Europe (along with Afrikaans in South Africa).

Gutaish language usage is currently declining, mostly towards Bascal Malay, Standard Malay and English. As of 2014, the language is considered "functionally extinct". Gutaish linguistic status is unknown, some considered it to be a "natural language" rather than a constructed language because of it's distinct words and vocabulary and is not based on any Germanic languages. But because of it's short history, it is also considered a constructed language. Due to it's location, it has many influences from neighbouring Malay, English and Bascal Malay.


Gutaish evolved from West Germanic languages spoken on Europe and introduced in Bascal around 2007-2008. The name "Gutaish" are possibly derived from "Gut", which cognates the English word "Good" and German "Gut" (Gutaish is Güet). It was standardised in 2009 or 2010 after the independence of Bascal. During it's early years, Gutaish adopted so many words from English that it was mistakenly considered a dialect of English (although distantly related). As the years gone by, Gutaish became much more original and distinct with the words came directly from Proto-Germanic. Gutaish became an important language around 2009 to 2011 and became one of the official languages of Singapore Street and Kamp Basca. Various books and documents are written in Gutaish. But the language is slowly fading in 2012 for unknown reasons. In 2013, the native language of most of Bascalians, Terengganuan standardised as Bascal Malay and became the official language. The introduction of a new official language had made Gutaish no longer in used, with only one person can speak few words of Gutaish as of 2013. This short history made Gutaish one of the shortest living language in history.


Gutaish is part of the West Germanic languages although it is not particularly closer to other West Germanic languages such as German and Dutch. It is part of it's own branch called "Gutaic" in which Gutaish is the only member. Gutaic is possibly a sister branch of Anglo-Frisian (which includes English, Frisian languages and Scots). Although the relationship remains controversial.

2014 classification

  • Indo-European
    • Germanic
      • West Germanic
        • Anglo-Frisian? - Gutaic
          • Gutaic
            • Gutaish

Comparison between West Germanic languages

English apple world i love
 Gutaish   ëvel   weirë   ëj   lëfvaën
 Dutch   appel   wereld   ik   liefde
 German   apfel   welt   ich   liebe
 Scots   aiple   warld   a   lufe


Gütäisisphrëagënkønswel (English: Gutaish language council) was founded in december 2012 under the administration of the Ministry of language and culture. It was created to regulate and studying the Gutaish language. Gutaish language has it's own Microwiki pages.

Gutaish Alphabet

Gutaish has a total of 33 letters. It is based on the Latin alphabet.

a ä b c d e ë  f g h i j jh k l m n o ø p q r s t u ü v w x y z 


Hello - hellø/ Güetendag

Goodbye - Güet hiivën

I - ëj

You - ür

Yes - Jai

No - Nae

Your - ührë

We - Vëë

He - Hij

She - Siij

Country - Lankssen

Land - Lank

Island - äyle

World - Weirë

Father - Vader

Mother - Mader

Brother - Vuuder

Sister - Sizder


  • 1 - Une
  • 2 - duu
  • 3 - Trei
  • 4 - Vuur
  • 5 - Fiiv
  • 6 - Sikssen
  • 7 - Uven
  • 8 - Oight
  • 9 - Nein
  • 10- Deni
  • 0 - nun
  • 20 - Dunen
  • 30 - treinen
  • 65 - Siksven


Republic of Hungary = Revubleiki ør Magyorisch

Republic of Turkey   = Revubleiki ør Turkaria

State of Bascal = Statøs ør Bazcalëi

United States of America = Unitëin Statøs ør Amëriken

State of Palestine = Statøs ør Palestiën 



"My fatherland" - (Mein Vaderlanken)

"My friend now lives in New Zealand: - ( Uvreund mei sted de Neihr-Zeelondein)


Gutaish Language (Gutaish version)