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Singapore Street Autonomous District
Daerah Autonomi Singapore Street
Daéghoh Autonomi Singapo Street
Velyoth Otonomus Senguvpuur Svaret
دايره اوتونومي سيڠاڤوري ستريايت

Singapore Street.jpg

District of Bascal
Motto: Singapore Street akan terus kehadapan
CapitalSingapore Street (Yuyu Area)
Population6 people
Area3rd largest district
GovernmentAutonomous District

The Singapore Street Autonomous District (Malay: Daerah Autonomi Singapore Street; Gutaish: Velyoth Otonomus Senguvpuur Svaret; Bascal Malay: Daéghoh Autonomi Singapo Street), commonly known as Singapore Street, is a district in Bascal. Singapore Street is heavily urbanised and the most developed of all districts in Bascal. Singapore Street is also the only Autonomous district in Bascal (not counted the Autonomous teritorries). Singapore street is also home to many of major Bascalian companies and agencies such as Bascal GC, Bascal Air, Bank of Bascal and many more.


Singapore Street is named after a street of a same name until it was changed to Jalan Arissa in 2009.


Singapore Street is divided into 2 areas that is:

  • Ruang Luar area
  • Rumoh area 

Sister Cities

Singapore Street has two sister cities: