Sovereign State of Ridgeland

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Sovereign State of Ridgeland
Flag of Ridgeland
Coat of arms of Ridgeland
Coat of arms
Motto: "Onder þe banne on gende"
"Under the banner of grace"
Anthem: "Appalachian Spring"
Map of Ridgeland
Map of Ridgeland
Largest cantonCavnaria
Official languagesRidgelantic[1]
Languages with special statusEnglish[2]
Ethnic groups
  • ~80% White
  • ~10% Black
  • ~5% Asian
  • ~5% Mixed races
GovernmentConfederated directorial republic
• President
Forest C. F.
• Vice President
Audrey Howell
• Federal Council
Carson Cavnar
Chris Ferrell
Grant Martin
• Federal Chancellor
Lilly Holland
LegislatureNational Assembly
from the United States
• Independence
13 November 2022
• Constitution ratified
16 November 2023
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar (de facto)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
• Summer (DST)
Ridgeland does not participate in DST.
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.rl (proposed)

The Sovereign State of Ridgeland (Ridgelantic: Souveronstat Ridgelant), colloquially Ridgeland (Ridgelantic: Ridgelant) is an unrecognized sovereign state and a micronation in the piedmont of the Appalachian mountains[3], specifically an enclave of North Carolina in the United States. It is one of the most populous micronations in North America, with a population of approximately 20,000[4]. It comprises three cantons, the largest and most populous one being Cavnaria[5]. The capital of Ridgeland is the neighborhood and canton of Piedmonton[6].

Indigenous peoples have inhabited the general localization of Ridgeland for thousands of years. This included native tribes such as the Catawba and Carolinian Siouan peoples[7][8]. In 1607, the first British settlers arrived to North America, beginning a long period of rule by foreign powers over the territory. On 13 November 2023, the Sovereign State of Ridgeland formally declared independence[9][10] from the United States, beginning a brief period of government organization. A snap election decided the leader of Ridgeland, President Forest C. F., who eventually wrote the constitution and incarnated the first structure of government. During the beginnings of Ridgeland, however, the country faced multiple wars against previously-existing micronational powers, various disputes with larger pacts, small civil conflicts, and an unprofessional government. After stability was restored to the nation with a peace treaty with Gorthia, the government began to restabilize and establish a small sphere of influence, before suddenly being exiled from the capital of Piedmonton due to structural damage to the executive residence in May 2023. During the government-in-exile, the Sovereign State joined and created multiple alliances and engaged in a massive intermicronational war after disputes between Sunia and the United Socialist Republics. The government, finally returning from exile after various repairs to the executive residence, began a period of government organization, and established the short-lived Intermicronational Concordat, which eventually dissolved after a series of diplomatic episodes between Gorthia and Ridgeland. After a prolonged political crisis, the Ridgelantic political scene gained a distinct opposition, along with the establishment of multiple political factions in Ridgeland.

Ridgeland is a confederated directorial republic, led by the Federal Council. It has a good human rights record, along with good relationships with multiple other micronations. It is a founding member of the E.S.S., along with Paxaris and formerly Sunia. Its current President is Forest C. F., and the Federal Chancellor is Lilly Holland. It has a large amount of professionalism, but it lacks in some areas. It scores a 3.4 on the Dresner's System of Classification Index, and a 7.25 (Successionist micronation) on the Revised Patel scale.


The name 'Ridgeland' is derived from the Blue Ridge mountains located closest to the nation. Previously, the name "The Ridgelands" was proposed, but was shortened to the current name. The word "Ridge" comes from Old English "hrycg", along with Dutch "rug" and German "Rücken".


Before independence

Indigenous peoples have inhabited the general localization of Ridgeland for thousands of years. This included native tribes such as the Catawba and Carolinian Siouan peoples[11][12]. In 1607, the first British settlers arrived permanently to North America at the Jamestown Colony. diseases, genocide, and famine spread through the native cultures, killing a majority of them in a couple of decades. The British, establishing their dominance on that part of continent after the Anglo-Dutch wars, eventually carved up thirteen colonies on the Eastern coast[13]. The thirteen colonies eventually declared independence from British rule during the American Revolution in the late 1700s, mainly caused by disgruntlement towards taxation policies, establishing the United States of America[14]. The area has been ruled by the United States for the majority of modern-day history, once being ruled over by the Confederate States of the 1860s during the American Civil War[15]. After the Confederate States collapsed, the area underwent reconstruction and an economic boom in the textile industry. The industry eventually faltered, however, and the area became no more than a group of small, quaint towns.


Forest C. F. was born in March 2010 to Chris F. and Tifini F. He was born as a triplet, and at age 2 he was formally diagnosed with Autism. Across his life he aspired to create his own nation. He had a variety of attempts to achieve such, one of the most notable being an online roleplay nation known as Noobstonia, which he eventually quit after harsh bullying and libelous rumors. During the era of Noobstonia, he also attempted to found an actual micronation, a “Republic of Piedmontia”, of which eventually went inactive one day after its founding. During his middle school days, multiple classmates called him “King Forest” after a practical joke in the school cafeteria in which he declared himself king of the middle school. He then promptly asked to be called “President Forest” instead.

On 13 November, 2022, Forest C. F. finally formally quit his roleplay nation after a long period of inactivity, declaring that he would make “a real-life micronation.” Forest C. F. designed a flag and wrote a Declaration of Independence after multiple drafts[16], of which he eventually read in the proclaimed national park in his backyard[17]. After realizing there was no formal leader of the country, He held a brief snap election where he was elected as President of Ridgeland[18]. He eventually absorbed his 7th grade middle school hall[19] and finished the Constitution of Ridgeland[20]. The Constitution had various signatures from his classmates, peers, and family, all of whom eventually were declared 'founding fathers' and granted government positions.

The Instability

The Instability refers to an era in Ridgelantic history in which wars and fighting were common, along with an unprofessional and newly-formed government.

Ridgeland first went to war against communist rebels in Westphalia[21], in which peace was eventually made and the communist rebels fell into obscurity. The war began as cyber attacks disrupted communications on a communist social media account, and with the manufacturing of the country's first propaganda. The war ended a couple days later, as no fighting was possible for either side at the time.

A nation known as New Prussia threatened war against Ridgeland if they did not join their political confederation around the first days of January in 2023. At first, Ridgeland offered an international vote for whether or not to join the country, before it was overridden by the presidency, which has caused the current administration to enter some controversy. The reason for the overriding of the vote was 'due to the fact Ridgelantic citizens will not be able to vote', along with the fact that most of the voters were completely unrelated to Ridgelantic affairs.

The vote was instead given to only the Ridgelantic citizens and allied states. After the vote ended with a resounding no, Ridgeland offered peace with New Prussia before the war would begin. New Prussia accepted the peace offer, and normalcy returned to the country. For a brief period, war was threatened against Ridgeland after the Gorthian Federation was at war with two allied states, Cristoria and Hoku. This war resulted in no real fighting, and a peace treaty was quickly made.

Cooling tensions and expansion

On the 5th of February, The President of Ridgeland had held an impromptu vote between a Federal Council member and an Army General on expanding the borders of Ridgeland[22]. After the vote passed, Ridgeland expanded to its modern day borders. Ridgeland instituted a constructed national language, Ridgelantic, the day after. On 4 March, 2023, a war against the remnants of the Manspolian government began. It was a resounding victory for Ridgeland and their allies, but the countries' leaders reportedly did not know that the country officially collapsed months earlier, leading to confusion between the two sides.


Around May 2023, the Ridgelantic government left Piedmonton to a hotel near the border of Ridgeland after the house the government resided in was considered unsafe after a leakage problem and asbestos found in the house. On 16 June, Ridgeland officially joined the GARKA Legion as a founding member.

The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale, also known as Operation Armeveerband Freies Micronations or Operation Blue, is a war between the Entente of Sovereign States, the Gorthian Pact, and multiple other states against the United Socialist Republics. It began on 6 June 2023, and ended 9 days later as a tactical victory for Ridgeland, along with Armeveerband Freies Micronations, giving Sunia de-facto independence from the United Socialist Republics.

Return from exile

After the government-in-exile era ended on 13 August 2023, as normal government functions of the Government of Ridgeland resumed. Multiple allied states to Ridgeland, such as Sunia, ended up in a state of inactivity, and a cultural boom began in Ridgeland as creative arts became popular among Ridgelantic citizens. The Sovereign State recently was engaged in a brief conflict against Lemakon in the United Kingdom during mid-to-late September, the Department of Defense was established under the governance of Drew Tucker which resulted in a victory for Ridgeland and their allied states. On 17 September, 2023, an alliance with Bonesdale begun as the two nations formally established diplomacy with each other, and the creation of an online embassy on the Ridgelantic Discord server, Official Server of Ridgeland@Discord. Ridgelantic diplomatic efforts continued into October as the Sovereign State of Ridgeland, Bonesdale, Woodland, and Paxaris officially established the Intermicronational Concordat after a 2-day online conference between nations.

A screenshot of the email between Joe Biden and Forest C. F.

On 4 October, 2023, President Forest C. F. received an e-mail[23] from Joe Biden after sending a short diplomatic message via the White House website. The e-mail contained a brief opinion piece of Biden’s opinion on Ridgeland, complementing the “passion” behind Ridgeland, but hoping to solve any differences in the near future, and stating that he would continue to be a president for “all Americans”.

Conversation affair

On 16 October 2023, Dynasty Dylan Czuk of Gorthia sent a video including a transphobic quote by British Prime minister Rishi Sunak in the Intermicronational Concordat discord server (Intermicronational Concordat@Discord), resulting in an argument between multiple member states and the eventual ejection of Gorthia from the alliance. Organizing the Treaty of Schiedam, Dynast Dylan Czuk, along with the leaders of allied states to Gorthia, confronted President Forest C. F. on the production of propaganda and satirical media concerning the event, along with his ejection from the alliance, defending himself by claiming he supported transgenderism. The conference resulted in little progress in absolving the affair, with a mostly chaotic outcome; Gorthia rejoined the alliance, multiple member states left in protest, and the leader of Clydia threatened to dox President Forest. Forest C. F. and Lorraine I of Bonesdale eventually chose to dissolve the alliance.

2023 Ridgelantic political crisis

Rebellion in Kramerkolonie

Flag of the Ridgelantic Rebellion

After being fired from the Department of Defense due to heated debates and arguments with Forest C. F., Ridgelantic politician Drew Tucker attempted to organize a rebellion in Ridgeland with the goal of restoring his power, claiming the removal from the government was illegal. Tucker had edited the MicroWiki draft article for the Sovereign State of Ridgeland, including a self-designed flag of the 'Ridgelantic Rebellion', as he had named it.

On 25 October 2023, Ridgelantic intelligence eventually leaked a reported 'coup d'etat' plan, resulting in a confrontation between Forest C. F. and Tucker, with Tucker providing a self-written bill that would have reinstated his power as minister. Forest C. F. had destroyed the bill using a pencil Tucker had provided him, and once again engaged in heated argument before Tucker eventually backed down and tore the remnants of the bill into pieces, and peacefully reconciled. Drew Tucker would eventually reform the Conservative Party into the Democratic Opposition after a now-disputed agreement with Gage Coley, who led the party at the time.

Gage Coley disputes the formation of the Democratic Opposition.

Electoral tensions and Party Outage affair

After the Kramerkolonie Putsch failed, President Forest C. F. inquired Gage Coley about the newly formed Democratic Opposition, to his response, claiming that he had never agreed to join the party, despite Drew Tucker claiming that he had agreed with him hours after the Kramerkolonie Putsch. On 30 October 2023, Forest C. F. had told Gage Coley to attempt to revert the reformation to the Democratic Opposition, resulting in a confrontation between Coley and Tucker. Tucker repeatedly refused reverting the reformation, claiming the interference of President Forest C. F. The incident eventually led to further dispute between the Ridgelantic administration and the Democratic Opposition, and a split in the party between the anti-Democratic Opposition conservatives and the party leadership.

After the incident, the first formal Ridgelantic electoral campaigns were established, and Krish Patel resigned from Ridgelantic politics, dissolving the Communist Party of Ridgeland and giving his Cantonal Premier, Grant Martin, the office of Governor.

On 2 November 2023, Candidate Drew Tucker attempted to infiltrate the Sovereignty Party via Ridgelantic Election Campaigns@Discord, sending a currently unknown spy by the pseudonym Cristius Vail (lit. Christ Vail) to pretend to be an aspiring member of the Sovereignty Party. Immediately, an argument ensued with multiple members of the server accusing Cristius Vail of being Drew on an alternate account, before Vail spontaneously 'switched ideologies' and claimed support for the Democratic Opposition. After his identity as a spy was revealed, he left the server completely, along with Tucker minutes later.

2023 Ridgelantic federal election

On 8 November, 2023, hours after Gabriel Newcombe of the Libertarian Nerds resigned from Ridgelantic politics, a general snap election, that had previously been discussed among the Federal Council and Ferrell cabinet, was called on by Forest C. F. After 23 total votes, the Sovereignty Party ticket of Forest C. F. as President and Audrey Howell as Vice President beat the Democratic Opposition ticket of Drew Tucker as President, and the Conservative Party ticket of Gage Coley as President. Although Tucker claims polls were closed too early and that the turnout was minimal. Eventually they agreed that they would annex Tucker's home street as the Autonomy of Tukundy (Ridgelantic: Tukund) on November 13, 2023 and Tucker would become governor.

Recent history

Mad Carroter

On 16 November 2023, the Ridgelantic Constitution Day, The Mad Carroter encountered Forest C. F. and Drew Tucker having a conversation while walking on an outdoor track in Cramer Colony, Ridgeland. The Carroter threw two Baby-cut carrots at Forest C. F. from behind, one of which missed and the other of which bounced off his jacket. Immediately, The Carroter was questioned Forest C. F., before the carroter eventually threw another carrot at Drew Tucker, resulting in him being chased and apprehended, with the help of nearby physical education teachers. He was eventually tried in absentia and found guilty of terrorism[24]. On 21 November 2023, the Ridgelantic government removed the Mad Carroter's legal full name from Ridgelantic media due to legal concerns among American-installed Kramerkolonie authorities.

The Emergency

Woodish raiding of an Almendrian Cyberlegion

On 24 November 2023, the Ridgelantic government declared war against the United Socialist Republics of Almendria after countless attacks against Ridgelantic allies[25]. The Paxari government quickly followed suit, and the Micronational Coalition was founded. Ridgelantic cyberwarfare operations lead by President Forest C. F. attacked multiple Almendrian-sponsored media sources, along with government communications. Tukuntic Governor Drew Tucker organized the Treaty of Nortonburg to enhance the motive of the Coalition, which was eventually scrapped in favor of the Treaty of Piedmonton.

The original proposal for the Treaty of Piedmonton, 4 December 2023

On 3 December 2023, a brief alliance that had formed between the United Nations Envoy Micronations and the Micronational Coalition completely dissolved after multiple leading members began infighting. The Anarchist Resistance, headed by the Cristorian Commune, formed out of the former alliance. Tensions between the Micronational Coalition and The Anarchist Resistance were quickly resolved, with the Resistance waging war against the UNEM. The Coalition itself remained neutral in the conflict, ratifying the Treaty of Piedmonton and ending the war[26].

Macronational progress

On 25 January 2024 a new passport stamp that had been commisioned days prior by Tukuntic Governor Drew Tucker arrived and is planned to be utilized so Ridgeland can control its naval border at the Catawba River. Ridgeland is also going through an economic revitalization process aimed to develop the private sector, as well as managing government economics[citation needed]. On 20 February 2024, Gage Coley resigned from his position as leader of the Conservative Party, resulting in Chris Ferrell receiving the interim leadership.

After the near-complete Collapse of the United Socialist Republics, the Ridgelantic government announced its support for the seceding former republics of Almendria, however is currently abstaining from any form of military intervention minus the possibility of a Ridgelantic collaborationist government being established[27].

Politics and government

The Government of Ridgeland is a Confederated directorial republic with elements of direct democracy. Most positions are elected by ranked choice voting, while others are appointed by other members of government. The government's structure was established in the Constitution of Ridgeland. The government was partially based on the governments of Switzerland and France.

Early government

Before the establishment of an official constitution, the Federal Council had complete power over the government, as no other government branches were functioning. The early government displayed forms of anocracy through quick and disorganized voting, along with little to no government representatives for multiple positions, but eventually absolved to write a constitution, formally limiting their powers and organizing a functioning structure of government.

Federal Council

The Federal Council is the collective head of state of Ridgeland. It consists of a President, a Vice President, and three Governors from different cantons. The Presidency passes federal laws, while the Governors pass cantonal laws respectively. The position was established in the Constitution of Ridgeland, however, it dates back before that. Each Governor is elected by a direct vote in their canton.


The President of the Sovereign State of Ridgeland (POTSSOR) is the head of the Federal Council. They are in charge of consulting the Federal Council on Federal laws and are elected by a federal ranked-choice vote. However, the first election in Ridgeland was simply a write-in ballot due to a dysfunctional early government.

Federal Chancellor

Lilly Holland (2023)

The Federal Chancellor is the head of government of Ridgeland. They preside over multiple branches of government, acting as an 'overseer' of government functions. They also have the final say in the actions of the Federal Council. This office was established in the Constitution of Ridgeland. However, there is some debate on its powers. The Federal Chancellor is chosen by the Federal Council.

The current Federal Chancellor, Lilly Holland, is one of the most-active participants in Ridgelantic government, often engaging in Federal Council discussions and enabling the passing of laws. She is a major advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Ridgeland, despite being a detransitioner.

National Assembly

A diagram of the National Assembly (October 2023)

The National Assembly is the unicameral legislature of Ridgeland. It has two members, both of the Sovereignty Party, along with 7 vacancies. It is formally established in the Constitution of Ridgeland and is de jure the legislative body, however, the members of the Federal Council themselves have written most bills passed to the Federal Council. The National Assembly has no formal capitol or legislative processes, with membership in the assembly being a mainly honorary title due to a lack of organization and structure. Attempts to reorganize the National Assembly, mostly being from former members of the Conservative Party (now members of the Democratic Opposition,) have been ongoing since September 2023.

Political parties

Represented federally

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies National Assembly Federal Council Cabinet Autonomies
Sovereignty Party SOV Forest C. F. Center-left to left Big tent,

Social democracy,

Democratic socialism

2 / 9
3 / 5
5 / 6
0 / 1
Conservative Party GOP Chris Ferrell Center-right Conservativism
0 / 9
1 / 5
0 / 6
0 / 1
The Best of Men BoM Rami Hamad Center-right Fiscal conservativism
0 / 9
0 / 5
1 / 6
0 / 1
Democratic Opposition DO Drew Tucker Far-right Authoritarianism,



Russian conservativism

0 / 9
0 / 5
0 / 6
1 / 1
Independent IND N/A
0 / 9
1 / 5
0 / 6
0 / 1

Not federally represented

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies National Assembly Federal Council Cabinet Autonomies
Big Dick Johnson BDJ Chase Kelly N/A Political satire
0 / 9
0 / 5
0 / 6
0 / 1

Law and order

A supreme court was outlined in the Constitution of Ridgeland, but all offices of the position are vacant. Multiple "citizen's arrests" are made in Ridgeland, especially in Cramer Colony, as no police offices have been established by the government. All police officers were instituted by the United States, with only one, Officer Peña, confirming his allegiance to Ridgeland.


The Ridgelantic Armed Forces is the military of Ridgeland. It has multiple troops, including President Forest C. F. After the Kramerkolonie Putsch, Dominique R. has served as the defense minister of the Sovereign State of Ridgeland. It has no smaller branches, as the government has not established a navy, air, or space force. The Ridgelantic Armed Forces primarily specialize in cyber warfare as its primary strategy in combat, with also having established military trade with countries by exchanging text chains for spamming on different social media sites.


The Cabinet of Ridgeland has three official departments, with each minister serving the President and the Federal Council as advisors. None of these cabinets have official, organized funding, and mainly enact power through their advisory role to the Federal Council. A majority of cabinet positions were established before the Constitution was finished.

Ministry of Trade

The Ministry of Trade manages trade between countries in the Sovereign State of Ridgeland. It oversees the transport of food, a major import to the country. It is led by the President's mother, Tifini L. F, who also serves as an advisor to President Forest C. F.

Ministry of Recreation

The Ministry of Recreation manages sports and parks in the Sovereign State of Ridgeland. It also organizes public events and celebrations. It was led by Gage Coley, the former leader of the Conservative Party who resigned due to the fact that he did not have time to participate in Ridgelantic politics, leaving the position to Rami Hamad. The department was created directly by the President of Ridgeland, Forest C. F., instead of being written into the constitution like multiple other positions.

Ministry of Treasury

The Ministry of Treasury manages monetary funds in the Sovereign State of Ridgeland. It is led by Tara Ferrell, who was granted citizenship to Ridgeland despite not living within their claimed borders.

Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense is one of the newest branches of the Ridgelantic Cabinet, formed in response to the Oakland-Lemakon War on 12 September 2023. Formerly led by Drew Tucker, who was fired on 19 October 2023 after multiple arguments and debates with the President, it is currently led by Dominique R. It is not undergoing any military operations as of this moment. Before the establishment of the Department of Defense, the main manager of Defensive aspects of Ridgeland was Laurel S. F, who participated in various conflicts during the Instability.

Ministry of Citizenship

The Ministry of Citizenship is the newest Ridgelantic ministry, established on 13 December 2023. The ministry is led by Landon Vongkhamchanh, an aspiring politician from Kramerkolonie. The Ministry was established during the Sovereignty Party's government decentralization program. The concept of a Ministry of Citizenship, however, was first created by Drew Tucker.

Civil rights

Minority rights are directly protected under the Constitution of the Sovereign State of Ridgeland, including rights for all ethnicities, identities, genders, and sexualities, with a notable LGBTQ+ population in Ridgeland that directly influenced these laws. Voting rights are available for all citizens, and any citizen is allowed to run for office as stated directly in the Constitution.


Ridgelantic citizenship is a complicated topic, with no strict legal definition defining Ridgelantic citizenship. What is generally accepted as a legal citizen in Ridgeland is someone who was born and lives, lived, or works in Ridgelantic territory. However, there are multiple exceptions to this rule. If a Ridgelantic citizen that does not reside in Ridgelantic territory runs for office, their home state is usually defined as Piedmonton. On December 13, 2023 the Ministry of Citizenship was established, which is currently managed by Landon Vongkhamchamh.

Foreign relations

Ridgeland holds an open foreign policy and interacts with multiple different nations at will. It is one of the only micronations to have an established diplomatic system, hosting online embassies and maintaining multiple alliances. They are a founding member of the Entente of Sovereign States, along with the Second Kingdom of Paxaris. Ridgeland formerly led the Intermicronational Concordat before its dissolution after the Conversation affair. Ridgeland contracted Oakland as the Oakland Protectorate until 1 December 2023, maintaining control over its armed forces and sharing joint executive control over it with the Entente of Sovereign States.

Unilateral recognition

Mutual recognition


Administrative regions

Ridgeland is comprised of three cantons and an autonomy. A canton acts as a constituency for Ridgeland, in which the leaders of the canton attend the Federal Council.

Flag Arms Name Area Population Officials
Cavnaria 46.4 km2 ~15,000 Governor Carson Cavnar

No Vice Governor

Cantonal Premier Key-Lime

Piedmonton 3.8 km2 Unknown Governor Chris Ferrell

No Vice Governor

No Cantonal Premier

Kramerkolonie Unknown ~5,000 Governor Grant Martin

No Vice Governor

No Cantonal Premier

Tukendy Flag

Coat of Arms

Tukundy Unknown ~23,000
(Claimed territory)
(Federally recognized territory)
Governor Drew Tucker

Vice Governor Blake Welda

Geography and climate

Range of temperatures for a nearby city. (2021)

Ridgeland is located in the Piedmont by the Appalachian mountains, giving it a hilly geography. It has cool winters and hot summers and is Humid subtropical (Cfa) on the Köppen climate classification[29]. It rains about 40 inches annually; the average rainiest month is March.

In winter, Ridgeland is somewhat protected by the Appalachian Mountains to the west. Cold fronts from the northwest, such as Canada, are typically weakened by the mountains. However, occasionally cold air can move from the north or northeast of the Appalachian Mountains, from Arctic high-pressure systems that settle over the New England region of the United States. The coldest temperature ever recorded in the general locality of Ridgeland was -5° F (-21° C) in January 1985.


The Sovereign State of Ridgeland was a major producer of textiles in the early 20th century. As of now, its main imports include food and groceries bought at stores outside of the border. It does not hold exports to foreign macronations, but exports 'text chains' via Discord for micronational cyberwarfare operations, which can include spamming and 'nuking'. Ridgeland also has a small, but fruitful agricultural industry. The Sovereign State has a mixed economy and a minimum wage set in gold to count for inflation, equivalent to approximately $25.00 USD.

The main currency in Ridgeland is the United States Dollar, although multiple proposals have been developed to create a supposed "Ridgesmark" as the main currency of Ridgeland, with multiple designs being created by Forest C. F., the first rudimentary versions being small, variously colored notes, typically displaying writing such as "1 RIDGEMARK (sic)". According to the 2023 Ridgelantic federal budget, the Ridgelantic government maintains about 70.00 USD in funding along with diplomatic aid towards the Red Cross[30].


The Appalachian labor movement of the 1930s is a cultural symbol of Ridgeland.

Ridgeland's culture is a mixture of Southern culture with elements of labor culture, similar to that of the 1930's trade union movement. It is a predominantly Christian country, where other religions and cultures are protected under the law. It holds many cultural differences from its parent nation.


Ridgelantic cuisine often varies between regions of Ridgeland, however it often includes savory dishes with multiple natural spices or local vegetation, including Stuffed Peppers, Tara Pasta, and Deviled eggs. In Tukundy, a traditional dessert is The Caveman (Þe Cavmann), a simple adaptation of baked apples.


Ridgeland's national and official language is Ridgelantic, a constructed language invented by President Forest C. F. The language is a creole language, being a mix between German, Dutch, and slight hints of Western Frisian, mainly with the priority of being easily understood by English speakers, and to create a distinct national culture.

The following short extract gives an idea of the character of Ridgelantic.

  • Ridgelantic: Þe Souveronstat Ridgelant, aljemin bekend es Ridgelant, ist en inpart werkend stat in Nort Amerika þiby þe Appalaʧik perʧen.
  • English translation: The Sovereign State of Ridgeland, commonly known as Ridgeland, is a partially unrecognized state in North America near the Appalachian mountains.

Standard grammatical rules include present tense verbs ending in -on, past tense verbs ending in -end, adjectives ending in -ik and for root words in an adjective that end with -at or -al ending with -aatik or -aalik respectively to conform to Ridgelantic adjective structure. In the past, however, Ridgelantic grammatical rules were typically much more loose.


English Ridgelantic Origin
Yes Ya Ja (German), Yes (English)
No Nei Nein (German)
Hello Hallo Hallo (Dutch)
A (article) En Een (Dutch), Ein (German)
As Es As (English)
And End And (English) En (Dutch)
Is Ist Ist (Dutch, German)
Of On Von (German)
Land, Nation Lant Land (English), Land (German)
Ridgeland Ridgelant Ridgeland (English), Lant (Ridgelantic)


Turkey bowling

Turkey bowling is a sport which is based on ordinary bowling. A frozen turkey serves as the bowling ball and ten bowling pins are arranged in triangular formation. Unlike the American variations, real bowling pins are used instead of plastic bottles. Turkey bowling originated in Ridgeland on 21 November 2023, with the first Ridgelantic Turkey Bowl.

Mass media

Online presence

Ridgeland is often considered one of the most active micronations online, with Ridgelantic government accounts present on sites such as X, TikTok, and Tumblr. Two Ridgelantic newspapers are published online, the Piedmonton Times, which owns a large monopoly over Ridgelantic media, and the Tukundy Times, the official newspaper of the Democratic Opposition.

Films and television

On 9 June 2023, a movie studio in Ridgeland called "Mikrolantstaatik Afbildings", Ridgelantic for "Micronational Pictures", was founded by Forest C. F. It has produced an animated 30-second short titled 41k, featuring a stick-figure running in a marathon. It has now lead by Aden Anderson due to an ongoing Ridgelantic economic revitalization program.


Ridgeland runs an official radio station known as Piedmonton Radio One, which mainly broadcasts copyright-free pop and dubstep. The radio station is on the Official Server of Ridgeland@Discord, the national discord server. The radio station is run via the 24/7 Music Discord Bot.


Ridgeland has multiple different national holidays, most of which are irreligious and secular. Religious holidays are protected under law, despite not being recognized as national holidays.

Date Name Remarks
5 February Veterans Day A memorial day for Ridgelantic war veterans.
25 August Blair Mountain Memorial Day A memorial day for the Battle of Blair Mountain and its many deaths.
13 November Sovereignty Day The anniversary of the independence of Ridgeland.
15 November Shadow Day A memorial for Forest's pet dog, Shadow.
16 November Constitution Day The anniversary of the constitution of Ridgeland.



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