Stradan language

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stradans linguå
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Pronunciation[stradans liːŋxəɑ]
Language familyStradan languages
Writing systemLatin; Strada Runes

Stradan (Stradan: Stradans linguå |lit: strada language) is an Auxillary conlang spoken in the micro national area of Strada in Jakarta, Indonesia. it was created in 2018 as a symbol of the group of micronations located in strada. the project was started by Aaron Penyami by himself in June/July 2018, the project was restarted in late 2018, early 2019, and February 2019.

Stradan is a germanic-based constructed language. it may be seem similar to northern germanic. however, it may contains loan-words from Indonesian languages such as Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, Posonese and many more.

(by the time this page was edited) Stradan as a conlang has not yet been completed, the vocabulary is incomplete until announced by the koncil nyål stradans


strada was a conlang created in 2018 as a part of the culture of micro nations located in the micronational area of strada. the original form, Proto-stradan, was described as "Indonesian as if it was dutch". it did not have any official grammar rules, it's phonological inventory was based on dutch. as time flew between august-november 2018. stradans was an official language by the pejatenian government. however, a lot of words have been lost, and it never got expanded. stradan was usually used in multilingual signs only. however, some poems were written in stradans. however, it was still not used seriously. then in late 2018, the creator of stradans had a sudden interest in linguistics, due to his obsession with the Japanese Culture and Japanese. and so the project was restarted. it became from dutch-like to nordic-like.

entering 2019, stradans had a reform. it had a problem, it's phonological inventory was confusing for Indonesians. and so it has to be restarted. however. it's grammar went a little complex, and so it had to be reformed.



closed: i, ī, y mid: o, ō, ø, æ open: a, ā, å


plosives: p, t, k, b, d, ph fricatives: f, s, z, h, v, g [x] sibilant: sch [tʃ] nasal: m, n, ng [ŋ], ny [ɲ] rhotic: r approximant: l, j, w


Stradan's word order is SVO, it places the adjective before the noun and the possessor before the possesse. in some other varieties of Stradan, it's word order is sov and noun adjective.


english normal genitive plural
1st person Template:I/me/my Template:Ic Template:Ices Template:Ynsk
2nd person Template:You/you/your Template:Jij Template:Jijes Template:Fyrd
3rd person (neut) Template:It Template:At Template:Ates Template:Sare 3rd person (mas) Template:He Template:Yasst Template:Yasstes Template:Sare 3rd person (fem) Template:Her Template:Yanst Template:Yanstes Template:Sare