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Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDirect Democracy
• Census
No residents, 12 citizens
RIS 002 codeEO
Internet TLD.eo (planned)

Eodus is a digital micronation founded on the 2nd of July, 2019 by Patrick Bowen. It is the spiritual successor of the Micronation of Eodus, retaining no previous laws, institutions, websites, offices, or claimed land, with very few of the previous citizenry.

History of Eodus

First Thought

Eodus was an idea first shared between Patrick Bowen and his friend in Secondary School, circa 2012. The flag was instead red, green, blue, and yellow. The initial incarnation of Eodus would include all laws already addressed by a macronation, as if international land would be claimed and held. The domain "eodus.org" was previously purchased between the two, but lack of interest in all parties resulted in its halting of subscription.

Micronation of Eodus

On the 4th of April, 2016, Eodus was created as an internal website for testing by The Technology Service, and the first instance of the Eodusian Constitution was ratified, though not installed until the 15th of June that year. The first election was held just 6 days after its foundation, with only five citizens voting. Soon thereafter, the website was made publicly available, though only through the use of a Dropbox HTML file which was updated with the latest IP address of the server. On the 4th of June that year, The Technology Service purchased the domain eodus.org, and configured SSL encryption along with it The first election to see Senators actually call meetings was held on the 6th of June, 2016, with 73% of all Citizens declaring candidacy. In late 2016, Eodus came to a downfall because of Altannese influence.

Modern-Day Eodus

The modern Eodus is a purely digital micronation with direct democracy in place, several referenda have been held.


Citizen A. runs a newspaper called "The Eodusian Herald".


There are currently two parties in Eodus, one being the LSPE (Libertarian Socialist Party of Eodus) the other being the RPE (Radical Party of Eodus), though they are more of symbolic unions than legal bodies in any sense.
On the 4th of July, Patrick Bowen was elected Director of Eodus, which entails being a representative for all people of Eodus.

The Court of Eodus was founded on the 7th of July and consists out of three volunteers selected from all those who apply to the court. Mia, A. and Álvaro are the first three judges in the Eodusian Court.

Foreign Relations

Flag of DANC

Eodus is a  DANC member.