Nemkhav language

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The Nemkhav language is a Hiberno-Slavic language spoken by the Nemkhav people, i.e. the citizens of the Nemkhav Federation. While not being the day-to-day spoken language of Nemkhavia, it is used for ceremonial and cultural purposes. Matters pertaining to the Nemkhav language are overseen by the Nemkhav Academy based in Astor Impora.


The Nemkhav language was one of the earliest aspects of national culture developed following the founding of Nemkhavia in 2009. The decision was made to mix the Slavic and Irish linguistic influences, resulting in unique sounds and grammar.

The language saw much of its development during the heyday of the Second Federation thanks to the input of several expert linguists among the various member states that made up Nemkhavia at the time.

Words and Phrases

  • Falja – Hello
  • Kamradiska – Comrade
  • Kamradiske – Comrades
  • Conam Nemkhav – Nemkhav Federation
  • Rijacka na Pristinija – Kingdom of Pristinia
  • An Intirnasjunta – The Internationale