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symbol of Pentad Federation

Pentad (Federation Pentad, means Five-lands, Baëtuba in Hráti, Dinonia in Arkian) was a micronational federation of former Ark Maramia and Hrátuba.


In December 1997, the representative of micronation Hrátuba (Lisabon, Portugal) Alberédo Alberedál has signed the federation Foundation Treaty. That day Ark Maramia and Hrátuba became parts of Federation Pentad. This experiment had not a long history. Hrátuba became isolationistic and one former Arkian province, Xapqt, ceesed to exist. On April 1998, the Federation was over.


Pentad Federation was located in Horní Čermná, East Bohemia, Lisabon, Portugal, and Strawberry Hills, New South Wales, Australia.


There were 10 citizens in Pentad Federation.

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