Kingdom of Uantir

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The Kingdom of Uantir
Motto: The Lion Protects
File:Kansas, USA
CapitalCastle Uantir
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King and Queen
Rook and his Queen
LegislatureThe Crown
Establishment25 October 2007
• / 2 active census
Approx. 40
Time zoneCentral

The Kingdom of Uantir is an absolute monarchy located in Leavenworth Kansas.


The Kingdom of Uantir was the brain child of His Majesty King Rook for a considerable time before it was founded. It was his wife, Her Majesty the Queen, that inspired him to make Uantir a reality. The country's name is in honor of Her Majesty.



Uantir began before October 25, 2007 in the mind of His Majesty King Rook after having read about micronations online. Though lacking support from friends and family the project was put on a shelf. When his wife’s friend Colum got her thinking about a micronation of her own, Uantir was quickly born.

The Early Days

Uantir started as a friendly competition of sorts between Colum McKenna, Rook and his wife. Early members of the nation were friends and family of the Crown, likely moved by curiosity or pity, as none but one of the first generation of citizens remain. After the fall of Licentia both interest and activity steadily waned.

The Second Generation

The Crown branched out to try and tap new resources for participants, searching online communities they were involved in that contained acquaintances if not close friends. It was during this recruitment push that some of the most dedicated citizens to date joined the ranks. At this point the nation fell into a comfortable, if unexciting, rhythm of activity and is marked by numerous updates of cosmetic and practical influence. His Majesty King Rook called a census in 2010 as part of a project to redistrict the internal borders based off of who was still active. Registered members of the forums fell from its record high of 55 to 30 after culling those who had not posted in six months and who did not respond to the e-mail warning of such.

The Dark Age

March 1, 2010, His Majesty King Rook shipped out for basic training in the United States Army. This brought on the deepest lull in activity in Uantir's history. In His Majesty's absence forum activity disappeared, discussions ceased, and the nation's international voice was silent. His time away at basic training gave His Majesty ample time to think on what he’d created, and where he wanted to take it in the future. The months after his return from Basic Training were a time of reflection and reinvention. It culminated in the essay that fundamentally changed the national perspective of Uantiri citizenship.

The Dawn of the Aristocracy

Though Uantir had always, as a feudal based monarchy, had nobility it was considered a position that was not immediately attainable by a new citizen. King Rook came to the conclusion that the average rank and file person joining micronationalism has no interest in being a rank and file citizen of a fake country. Inspired by the notion long accepted in RecWar and Economic circles that a nation is made up of a combination of real people and unnamed simulated ‘citizens’ he abolished the idea that the real people who participate in the nation are average citizens. Accepting this layer of simulation all participants were promoted to the position of Aristocrat, a newly formed status that made every person involved in Uantir a noble in charge of a territory full of simulated citizens largely under their control. His aim was to increase interest as individuals joining Uantir are powerful people with a large amount of creative autonomy. He also effectively removed the stigma of having to be ‘lorded over’ by someone else they don’t really know, in a hobby they volunteer to participate in.


The Kingdom of Uantir is an Absolute Monarchy headed by His and Her Majesties King Rook and his wife. The crown maintains full and complete control over the country, but the Aristocrats maintain autonomy over their lands in all aspects that do not come in direct conflict with core Uantiri principles. That core is maintained by the Monarchy.

An easy comparison uses the American Government as an example: the Federal vs. State governments. The Federal government pertains itself with country wide affairs and interfaces with state government to achieve those ends. The State government pertains itself with its population's affairs and interfaces with the Federal government to achieve those ends. Thus the Crown is the equivalent of the Federal Government while the Aristocrats are the equivalent of State government.

All positions are appointed. Popularity contests for government officials are considered contrary to the public's best interest, though any Aristocrat can be removed by process. When an aristocrat begins they can choose from a number of titles, these define what their lands are referred to as and how they are addressed. The titles are arranged in paths as they increase in importance, but none of these routes are required and the title is not static, the Aristocrat can change their title at any time as long as it remains within their tier. There are three tiers of nobility, each one representing an increase in the Aristocrat's influence and a direct reflection of their dedication and participation. Though no tier of Aristocrats are technically in charge of another or hold any authority over another, the tiered titles stand as social symbols and are immediate indicators of that individual's infuence with and admiration from the Crown.

The Nobility

More individually known as Aristocrats, these are the influential Uantiri who have been granted title and land for their commitment to the Crown and the Country.

Tier One Aristocrats

If their title is unknown, it is appropriate to refer to them as Sir or Ma'am

Thane / Thaness administer a Town.
Knight / Dame administer Keep.
Lord / Lady administer a Manor.
Chieftan / Chieftaness Administers a Hold.

Tier Two Aristocrats

If their title is unknown, it is appropriate to refer to them as 'Your Lordship'

Baron / Baroness administer a Barony
Regent / Regentess administer a Canton
Conn / Conness administer a Stretch

Tier Three Aristocrats

If their title is unknown, it is appropriate to refer to them as 'Your Excellency'

Count / Countess administer a County
Tiarna / Bantiarna administer a Expanse

Royal Aristocrats

If their title is unknown, it is appropriate to refer to them as 'Your Highness'

Prince / Princess administer a Principality
Ri / Rigan administer a Territory

The Military

The Uantiri military is not run like a conventional military force as seen by most governments. Due to the confederate nature of Uantir’s territories being a conglomeration of relatively autonomous territories the military forces of Uantir resemble a militia far more than a standing Army. Aristocrats are ‘super commanders’ and are responsible for a Guard, which is the term for the entirety of a region’s forces. Uantir has no Navy or Air Force, all air and naval powers are managed as part of the Uantiri Army. Traditional cultural norms such as close rank and file, uniforms, and regimental discipline common in conventional armies are unheard of in the Uantiri Army. The Army’s goal is ruthless efficiency and finds many aspects of conventional military forces as stifling and distracting. The Uantir Army is not a peace keeping, global policing, or diplomatic organization and serves one purpose: to be the swift and decisive instrument in the protection of Uantir from foreign aggression and to mete out disproportionate retribution on those who would harm the people of Uantir. The Uantiri Army is notorious for lethality, brutality, and effectiveness.