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I'm Parker I. I'm not really active[1] any more in micronationalism but I occasionally pop in to improve and edit articles about nations, people and other subjects I recall or have documentation of from 10 years ago. Micronations were fun but I just don't have the time anymore, I hope I can add to the recollections of this wiki to help inspire others looking to get into micronations!

Why I'm Here


I am on the lookout for old resources with which to update the wiki. I have a significant amount of old emails from Secundomia, but I would love to comb through archives of old forums, talk pages and deleted pages. The history of these is important to the community[2] and would vastly help improve articles (especially reference lists) throughout the wiki. Please let me know if you have access to old resources.

Further, when I was an active micronationalist I was generally pretty dumb (I attribute that to being 12-14). A lot of my edits are about retaining historical accuracy but correcting some of the messes[3] I made on basically ever page I edited up to 2014. There's a lot of mistakes. Hopefully the Secundomia articles will be a bit more readable soon!


Not currently interested in establishing relations, sorry. My presence here is due to my archivist and nostalgic tendencies, not through a significant desire to engage in micronationalism. I'm too busy in my day to day life to commit to that. Say hello and establish contact either way! I'm happy to lend advice or historical perspectives, but I'm not interested in signing a treaty. Good luck with your nation and remember to have fun! Because that's what this is really about.[4]


My contributions


  1. this is a lie FSSR is the most active micronation in the world
  2. we can only learn through experience
  3. my god how did Republic of Secundomia get GA in 2011? what?
  4. As much as.... certain people in this community c. 2010 would have my head for this statement... it's true.