Sterling Monarchy

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King of Sterling
Parker I

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent Spencer I
First monarch Parker I
Formation {{{date}}}
Monarchical styles of
Parker I
Reference style Sterling's King
Spoken style Parker
Alternative style King

The Sterling Monarchy lead the Kingdom of Sterling from it's inception, until Sterling became a protectorate. There were two houses in the Sterling Monarchy, the House of Sterling, including Parker I and Spencer I, and the house of Rahim, including Rahim I and Ibrahim I.

List of Monarchs


  1. Parker I
  2. Vacant (became a colonial protectorate)
  3. Disestablished (transitioned into principality)


  1. Spencer I
  2. Vacant (became a colonial protectorate)
  3. Parker I (usurped as King of Secundomia)
  4. Vacant (abdication of Parker I), de jure passed to Spencer I

Grand Duke of Iceia

  1. Parker I
  2. Rahim I
  3. Vacant (Rahim removed)
  4. None (dissolved)

Duke of Southern Mercuria

  1. Spencer I
  2. Ibrahim I
  3. None (dissolved)