Eagle I

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Eagle I
Type Rocket
Place of origin SAASE
Service history
In service 1 April 2011
Used by Republic of Secundomia
Wars None, retired before war
Production history
Designer Unknown
Manufacturer Estes Rockets
Unit cost Unknown
Number built 1 (destroyed)
Crew Unmanned

Engine A8-3 Powder Engine, C8-3 Powder Engine
Speed Unknown
Launchpad Guiding Rod

The Eagle I was an unmanned rocket created by the Secundomian Agency for Air and Space Exploration. The Eagle I was the first and only successful rocket design by the agency. Parts for the rocket were purchased in December, 2010. The rocket was reusable and utilized a powder engine. It achieved flight January 1, 2011. The rocket was designed by Parker I and Spencer I. Advice was also supplied by Phineas Snow, who focused on potential military applications. The design was retired after using a more powerful powder engine caused the rocket to break up on re-entry. A key part of the rocket was never recovered.

The Eagle I's successor was Eagle II. The second rocket was designed to have multiple stages and was fully assembled on the same day as Eagle I, however fuel shortages postponed its launch. After months in storage, design flaws were discovered with Eagle II and the project was abandoned. No other vessels were successfully launched in Secundomia.