Situation America

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Situation America
Part of New American Crisis
DateAugust 3, 2012
Kingdom of New America/Zacharian border
Status Concluded
25pxEranian Free State Eran.pngEran Federation
Commanders and leaders
25pxZach I

Eran.pngMartin I

Eran.pngAdam Smith
6 90

On August 3, 2012, the Kingdom of New America invaded the Zacharian International Zone and seceded from the Eran Federation to form the Eranian Free State. The nation turned into a crisis, however a mere few hours after the invasion, New America and Zacharia rejoined Eran, a key citizen of New America, Cooper of Coopery was arrested and Zach I, King of New America, was exiled from Eran for a period of three days. The major uprising had been quashed in a matter of less than a day.