2012 MicroWiki Cup qualification (North America)

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Round 1

The 30 nations were split into 15 home-and-away knockout fixtures. The winner will advance to Round 2.

Team 1   Agg.   Team 2   1st leg     2nd leg  
Kuhugstan Republic of Kuhugstan.png 4–1 Tyreekist.png Zalkaria 3–0 1–1
Westsylvania DCFlag2.png 4–3 Secundomia Official Flag.jpg Secundomia 3–2 1–1
Freedomia Freeflag.png 7–7 (a) Flag of Skendal and Unified Kozuc.png Kozuc 2–3 5–4
Maian Zezo.png 1–4 Better flag ultamiya.png Ultamiya 1–1 0–3
New America DRNAFLAG1.png 2–1 Flag of Amager.png Havnesgade-Amager 0–1 2–0 (AET)
Homested Noflag.png 0–1 Montoshflag.jpg Montosh 0–1 0–0
Gishabrun Micronationflag126.jpg 2–1 Flag of Burkland.png Burkland 1–1 1–0
Athens Athens.png 0–1 Th Flag National 8.png Theodia 0–0 0–1 (AET)
Sandus FlagofSandus.png 0–18 Flagofnarctica.png NAPI 0–11 0–7
Muddywater Republic Noflag.png 0–5 Tiana2012Flag.png Tiana 0–1 0–4
Domatio Domatioflag.png 2–2 (2–3 p) Rafghanistan.png Rafghanistan 0–2 2–0 (AET)
Kinsovea Kinsovean Flag.png 3–1 Flag of the Hamlinian Republic.png Hamlinian Republic 1–0 2–1
Ledicarus Noflag.png 0–6 New Agnorr Flag.png Agnorr 0–1 0–5
Harleck Flag of the Kingdom of Harleck.png 2–0 Jial Flag.png Jial 0–0 2–0
Mons 25px 2–0 Yurtyzstanflag.jpg Yurtyzstan 2–0 0–0


6 goals
Flag of Skendal and Unified Kozuc.png Riley Small

5 goals
Flagofnarctica.png Jimmy Sanchez

4 goals
Flagofnarctica.png Joanna Matri
Tiana2012Flag.png Biagio Gallo
Better flag ultamiya.png Daniel Shiavich

3 goals
New Agnorr Flag.png Sean Gordon
New Agnorr Flag.png Jake Smith
Flagofnarctica.png Omar Guillermo
Flagofnarctica.png Boelle van Wendel

2 goals

Domatioflag.png Jordan Conlon
Freeflag.png Peter Eisenhower
Flag of the Kingdom of Harleck.png Phillip Stone
Kinsovean Flag.png Aswald Fritz

Republic of Kuhugstan.png Andrew De Leon
DRNAFLAG1.png Bailey Yordie
Rafghanistan.png Jaïr van den Brink
DCFlag2.png Younes Kraul

1 goal

Flag of Burkland.png Wesley Jedrickssen
Freeflag.png Samuel Fabian
Freeflag.png Hubert Pell
Freeflag.png Denton Rogers
Freeflag.png Flavio Silva
Freeflag.png Richard Wellman
Micronationflag126.jpg HIM Tsar Kuri I
Flag of the Hamlinian Republic.png Casey Hamlin
Flag of Amager.png Serem John

Kinsovean Flag.png Jonas
Republic of Kuhugstan.png Donald Dye
Republic of Kuhugstan.png Adam Robinson
Zezo.png John Ryan
50px Bailey McConnel
50px Flynn Using
Montoshflag.jpg Sylvian Molineux
Flagofnarctica.png Abdul Azziz Faoula
Flagofnarctica.png Pablo Ortega

Flagofnarctica.png Joma Vosquez
Secundomia Official Flag.jpg Kasey Benson
Secundomia Official Flag.jpg Alex Brookes
Secundomia Official Flag.jpg Jakob Lang
Th Flag National 8.png Sweyn Bradsson Schroeder
Tiana2012Flag.png Joseph Puglisi
DCFlag2.png Tim Demofensells
DCFlag2.png Watson Limerick

1 own goal
Flag of Burkland.png John Glenssen (for Gishabrun)
Freeflag.png Isaac Long (for Kozuc)
Republic of Kuhugstan.png Kevin Carter (for Zalkaria)