2010 Gravois Thanksgiving Football Festival

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The 2010 Gravois Thanksgiving Football Festival took place on the 26th and 27 November 2010 at the Green Hills County of Gravois, just south of Gravois City.


There were three venues in play at the Festival, all in Green Hills County.

First Field

The First Field was created in the same place as the Uphill Field, however, it went east-west, unlike the north-south Uphill Field. Unfortunately, this field proved to be unworthy after 2 plays in the first game, because the ball went quickly into the Secundomian Bay. Fortunately the ball was retreived a quarter mile west of the Secundomian Naval Base, and the teams resorted to last year's Uphill Field.

Uphill Field

The first venue was in play on the 26th of November. It was the Uphill Field, and, like it's name describes, ran uphill, thus creating a challenge for wide receivers and corner-backs. Other challenges for the passing game included glare from the sun, severe winds, and an evergreen tree branch that blocked many passes. Several games, and one Championship Series Game, were played here. The offense could only go uphill, due to concerns with the water at the South Side of the field.

Main Field

The second venue, Main Field, was used on the 27th of November. Two championship Series Games were played here, including a 2 hour long game that scored in triple digits. Several Exhibition games were played here, including the closing game. One challenge posed in the closing game was poor visibilty for the Quarterback, due to glare. Offense could only go West, due to issues with water on the south side of the field.


The SFL sanctioned several exhibition games, and several Championship games in the Football Festival.

Championship Series

Championship Series are 2-2 events, that were not cut short for whatever reason.


Day Score (GC-MS) Venue
November 26 42-21, Gravois Uphill
27th 91-105, Middle Secundomia Main
27th 7-0, Gravois (tiebreaker)



Game 1

The first game took place on the 26th on the Uphill course. Middle Secundomia was made up of Parker I and a non-Secundomian, resident of Gravois; Gravois was made up of Spencer I and a non-secundomian, resident of Middle Secundomia. Gravois scored quickly, racking up the score 14-0. Middle Secundomia responded, making it 14-7. However, Gravois made it 28-14 in a short time. But Middle Secundomia held Gravois for a while, making it as close as ever, 28-21. However, Middle Secundomia let up defensively, and Gravois won 42-21.

Game 2

Game 2 was the longest, by far, game in the Festival. It was stopped multiple times for timeouts. Gravois was the first to score, making it 14-0 quickly, however, Middle Secundomia responded. Soon the score was 28-14. But Middle Secundomia scored, and then intercepted a pass that led to a score, and tied it at 28. Gravois made it 42-35 soon after, but Middle Secundomia tied it again. Gravois then charged to a 63-42 lead, and it seemed that all was lost for Middle Secundomia again. But Middle Secundomia held the Gravois offense, and dominated their defense, and took the lead 77-70. They continued to lead by one touchdown throughout the game, getting to 98-91, Middle Secundomia. Finally, Middle Secundomia scored once more, making it 105-91, and both teams agreed to call the game.

1-1 w/All Time Quarterback

Day Score (GC-MS) Venue
Nov. 26th 0-0 (Tech issues, cut short) First
26th 21-0 Uphill
26th 7-7 (Cut short) Uphill