Intermicronational Tribune

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Intermicronational Tribune
IMT Masthead.png
Format Internet Newspaper, (PDF format)
Type Daily
Owner Secundomian Media
Editor Parker I
Founded February 12th, 2010
Political Allegiance International Micronations
Language(s) English
Distributor(s) MicroWiki
Distributed In All nations on MicroWiki

The Intermicronational Tribune was a newspaper edited by Parker I and published by Secundomian Media. It attempted to cover all important international stories in the micronational world. Intended to be published daily, in total 6 issues were published.


The Intermicronational Tribune was created in February 2010 after the need for a pan-micronational newspaper was realized. It was created by the Sterling government and had no ties with Secundomia or the privately owned Secundomian Media and it's subdivisions. The Intermicronational Tribune and the Micronational Monthly planned to merge into one, but the project was abandoned. On May 19, 2010, Parker I declared that the Tribune would be revived, probably published weekly, operated by Secundomian Media.

The first revival issue was published in November and the newspaper was swapped to a daily format. The IMT was published daily for 4 straight days. Mark Meehan of Nemkhavia called the new paper, which attempted to incorporate aspects of a physical daily newspaper format, "impressive." After a 9 day delay on the 6th issue of the Tribune, the final issue was published on 18 November 2010.


The Tribune was published daily in the form of a PDF document. The February edition was largely opinion, published by the King of Sterling. Later editions included multiple sections. The general section included information about various micronations across MicroWiki including FRA1, the OAM, Nemkhavia and MicroWiki itself. Other sections included IMT Comics (which published Microball and XKCD strips), IMT Sports, IMT Weather and IMT Secundomia.


During the run of the IMT, Parker I wrote all the content for the paper. Luke of Secundomia applied to be a secondary columnist, but a dispute about payment prevented his hire. Microball comics were outsourced to a different micronational artists including Kuri Kabanov and Joe Foxon.