Monarchs of Garagstan

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This is a list of all the monarchs of the Principality of Garagstan.

King/Queen of Principality of Garagstan
Sam Cat (Sam I)

Style: His Majesty
Heir apparent: Po Harber (Po I)
First monarch: Hollie Moore (Hollie I)
Formation: June 1st 2010


The monarchy of Garagstan was set up right after the establishment of the government of June 1, 2010, and the first Queen, Hollie Moore, was crowned. The monarchy was originally set up for Human Monarchs, but after Hollie ceased her Garagstani citizenship on August 12, 2010, another Human could not be found, so the oldest known Cat in Garagstan, Sam took over to become Sam I and the monarchy will now stay within the cats, dogs or any pets that live in Garagstan.


Order Name Species/Gender Reign Start Reign End
1st Hollie Moore Human - Female June 1, 2010 August 12, 2010
2nd Sam Cat Cat - Male August 12, 2010 October 20, 2010
3rd Po Harber Cat - Female October 20, 2010 January 2, 2011
4th Sam Cat (2nd Reign) Cat - Male January 2, 2011 Incumbent


Here are the Heirs to the throne in order:

  • 1st: Po
  • 2nd: Corkey
  • 3rd: Bushy Cat
  • 4th: Tabby Cat
  • 5th: White Cat
  • 6th: Skanky Cat
  • 7th: Baz


Here are the ages of all the monarchs when their Reign started and Ended:

Hollie Moore:

  • Started: 13 yrs old
  • Ended 13 yrs old

Sam Cat:

  • 1st Reign:
  • started: 18 yrs (Approx)
  • Ended: 18yrs (Approx)
  • 2nd Reign:
  • Started: 18 yrs (Approx)
  • Ended: Imcumbent

Po Harber:

  • Started: 16 yrs (Approx)
  • Ended: 16 yrs (Approx)