Empire of Qootärlænt

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Semi Theocratic Imperial Monarchy of
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Hodie dies post cras est
(English: Today is the day after tomorrow)
Anthem: Folklí'Qootärlænta
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: The Netherlands
Capital Antoniopel
Area: Unknown
Membership: over 20
Date of foundation: March 20th 2008

Emperor: HIM Emperor Antonio I, Qajsir-íína-Qootärlænta

Prime-minister: Sjeffol

Purported organisational structure: Semi Theocratic Imperial Monarchy
Language: English, Qootärfloams, Dutch, Esperanto, Interlingua and Pepeetepaal
Purported currency: PG (prachtige Gulden)
National sport Parkour, Cable Sailing
This nation is a member of: OAM

Qootärlænt is a micronation founded by Leendert Reek and Lorenzo Bianchini on March 20, 2008.


In the beginning of 2008 Leendert Reek created a language which was called Qootärfloams, while this was still under development, he then met Lorenzo on the internet. Lorenzo thought Qootärfloams was interesting and said that it should have a nation, and Leendert called it Qootärlænt. During the same week, he wrote an anthem for this nation and the beginning of the declaration of independence was written. Since then, land was conquered and Emperor Antonio, how Leendert called himself after that, started to look for citizens and for a good form of government.

About the Government

Qootärlænt is an empire. Its Emperor is Qajsir-Qootärlænta Antonio (English: Qootärlæntish Emperor Antonio). The Emperor is leader of the Kings, and on March 14 2009 Qootärlænt had 7 official kings. They rule over the rest of the citizens and also over the national territory of Qootärlænt. In cooperation with the Emperor there is a Prime Minister who is elected by the people, which is Sjeffol since January the 1st of 2009.

The Flag

The flag of Qootärlænt displays the Star of Kings in it because of the Kings that rule the nation together. The cross in the middle is the symbol of Christianity, the religion of the Emperor and the religion of a significant part of the Government. The green star in the middle is the star of the constructed language Esperanto. This is because "Esperanto" means Esperantically "he that hopes" and therefore it is a symbol of hope. Red and blue are the colours of the Dutch flag; the Emperor was born in this country, and also they symbolize fire and water. The purple in the middle is just for fun.


Qootärlænt has two official languages, English and Qootärfloams. The Constitution of Qootärlænt reads, in article 19, that every citizen is given the right to use English at their own discretion, as long as it is understandable. This rule applies for every language except Qootärfloams.


Qootärlænt has national holidays, of which October 10 is the most important. It's called Emperors Day, and after that are Qootärlænt day (March 20) and Independence Day (August 25th).

the national anthem

Qootärlænt has always had his own national anthem, the Folklí'Qootärlænta. The original music was written by HIM Antonio and the text by HRH Lorenzo Bianchini. In 2011 and 2012 have Antonio and HRH Queen Hibbe I been working on a new melody for the national anthem. Before the full version was published has there been a demo version of the anthem of Qootärlænt. And a month later, in March 2012 was the official version of the new anthem published. Only the chorus of the anthem stayed (almost) the same. The rest of the music has been completely rewritten. And even some of the text and text order changed.

Northern Conquering

The Northern Conquering is a past event in which the Emperor, the Queen and the prime minister travelled by bicycle from the Dutch territories to the northern tip of Danmark, Skagen. After that they took the ferry from Frederikshavn to Göteborg to cycle down to Helsingborg. From there with the ferry back to Danmark and to København. From there they took the train back. The total journey took 28 days and they cycled around 1500 km. The main purpose was to plant the flag on the tip of Skagen and sing there the Anthem.

Map of the road taken from Emmen. We started 150km earlier in Lunteren

Allies and friended nations

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

the Slinky Empyre

Kingdom of Theodia

Principality of Garagstan