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His Excellency
1st Prime minister of Qootärlænt
In office
1 January 2009
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 1990?
Citizenship Qootärlæntish
Nationality Dutch
Residence Sjeffolonia, Empire of Qootärlænt
Religion Reformed christianity
Another name for Prime Minister is in Qootär-English 'Prime-mate'.

Sjeffol is, since 1 January 2009, the official prime minister of Qootärlænt, the first Democratic function ever in the Empire.

The elections

On 4 December 2008, Sjeffol was marked to be candidate for the position of Prime Minister of Qootärlænt. It was stated that objections could be made till January the first.

The only messages that came to him were messages that told HIM Emperor Antonio I that is was a good choice. Sjeffol won the elections with all of the votes.


Sjeffol was re-elected in august 2010.


His Excellency Sjeffol was one of the prime leaders and planners of the Northern Conquering in 2012
Sjefol successfully build several QSA Rockets.
His Exellency is the anchorman of the QNN show 'Propagramda.'