Northern Conquering

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The Northern Conquering was a campaign of the army of Qootärlænt. The goal was to plant the flag on the tip of Skagen and sing there the Anthem.

Map of the road taken from Emmen. The trip started 150km earlier in Lunteren


The Emperor, the Queen and the prime minister travelled by bicycle from the Dutch territories to the northern tip of Danmark, Skagen. After that they took the ferry from Frederikshavn to Göteborg to cycle down to Helsingborg. From there with the ferry back to Danmark and to København. From there they took the train back. The total journey took 28 days and they cycled around 1500 km.

Trough the Netherlands

The trip started at 23 July, when Emperor Antonio I started this trip. It has been planned for more than 3 years. The first stage was from the Imperial Residence in Lunteren to Zwolle (The Netherlands) The only notable event on that day was the shepherds and sheep they saw at the heathlands. Prime Minister Sjeffol cooked. He made a dish called 'meuk'. This was the normal food on the campaign. On the second day the trip continued to Emmen (NL). The day after that the German border was reached.

Travel in Germany

Planting the Flag on Verrassingseiland

In Germany the army found a campsite that was owned by a dutchman. He was very nice and offered much free tea. The next day the army reached a campsite near a small lake.[1] In this lake there was a small island. That evening we conquered the island. The name they gave to the lake was 'Meer vol verrassingen' (Dutch: Lake full of surprises) and they called the island 'Verrassingseiland'. (Dutch: Island of the surprise) The next day the trip brought them to a cheap campsite where there was free food. The Emperor ordered to write a poem in the guest book. The poem written was as follow:
Uns war gegeben, auf dein campingplatz zu leben
Das war toll, und unsere bauchen übervoll
O - ist der form von der swimmingpool, das wasser war sehr cool.
This poem is an acrostic, in which the first letters make up the name Udo, who was the owner of the Campsite. The next day the first rune stone was seen. The day after that Haithabu was conquered. A Viking town. The day after that the Danish border was reached.

Travel in Danmark

Declaring victory on Danmark
Waving the Flag at the tip of Danmark

The second day in Danmark they came to the spot where the medieval government of Danmark held congregation. HIM Antonio I and Prime Minister Sjeffol declared the victory over Danmark at that place. This was a symbolic declaration, the march trough Danmark had just begun. The next day the most extreem weather of the trip occurred. It had be rainy for a week now. But on this 2 August it was cold too. But even with this extreem weather the Emperor prover worthy for they cycled 80 kilometers. They reached a free campsite at the end of the day. At 6 August the sea was finally reached. This caused joy for the destination would be reached in one day. That evening they stayed at a free campsite near to a mill. The day after that the tip of Danmark, our destination, was reached. The government waved the Flag and sung the [folkli'Qootärlænta | national anthem]. The day after that they went to Frederikshavn to take the boat to Sweden.

Göteborg and beyond

one of the campsites in Sweden

Sjeffol had booked the boat to Sweden. He had chosen a night boat because it was cheaper. He only forgot that there was no place to sleep when thy arrived in Göteborg at 3 a.m. So they had to cycle in the middle of the night trough the city, looking for an openend youth hostel. They did not find one. So they decided to set camp in the forrest. The next thay they surprised friends in Kulavik with a visit and they could stay there. The next day they discovered Sweden to be the most beautiful country of their trip. and ended up at a parking close to the sea. They decided to stay on this spot for a day. At 12 August the army of Qootärlænt conquered a fort near the sea. On 16 August they took the boat for Helsingborg to Helsingør. They where back in Danmark.


The Emperor in discussion with the princess of the sea

Two days later we reacht Kopenhagen (København). After discovering a nice free and quiet campsite they went to the city to pay a state visit to the Little Mermaid, the princess of the sea. But when they came back they where surprised by an army of noisy children. They had put their tents all around the Imperial campsites. The next days the government stayed in København and visited several places like the royal palace. This was the last stage of the campaign. After that they took the night train back to the Netherlands from where Sjeffol traveled to Sjeffolonia and the Emperor and Queen Hibbe to New Leendertrad.